Yogitoes Sues Competitors

Yogitoes has filed lawsuits against Lululemon and Under Armour for alleged infringement of no-slip yoga-mat towel technology.
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It's becoming commonplace for companies that cater to yoga students to file for patents, copyrights, acquisitions, and lawsuits.

The most recent examples of this are two lawsuits filed by yoga towel company Yogitoes. The company that makes “Skidless” towels designed to prevent slipping is suing both Under Armour and Lululemon for allegedly infringing on its patented technology.

Yogitoes, which was recently acquired by mat company Manduka, is seeking "an injunction against patent infringement, actual damages, treble damages—triple the amount of actual damages—and attorneys’ fees," against Baltimore-based Under Armour in a suit filed in November in California, according to the Baltimore Business Journal. The suit also asked for a trial by jury.

“Once the client noticed that there were these infringing mats out there, they moved pretty quickly to file a lawsuit,” Glenn Trost, an attorney at Novak Drice Connolly Bove + Quigg LLP, which represents Yogitoes, told the Baltimore Business Journal earlier this week.

Yogitoes also named Lululemon in a patent infringement suit by Yogitoes back in September. Lululemon settled a patent infringement case it brought against Calvin Klein over a patented yoga pant design last year.