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Your October Yoga Astrology Forecast: How to Thrive in This Transition to Fall

Wondering how the sun, moon, and stars might affect your yoga practice or teaching this month? Here are some of the big, astrological shifts happening right now, plus expert advice on how to handle the seasonal and energetic changes with ease.

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In the Northern Hemisphere, October is the month that truly ushers in the autumn season. If you’re someone who craves the excitement fall brings, with promise of turning leaves and even hints of the holidays to come, it’s time to rejoice—you’ve made it! The consistent heat of summer is over, and it’s all cool weather and hot drinks from here. Yet if you’re on the opposite side of that fence (like me) and the thought of cold weather brings dread, well then, the long countdown to spring has begun.

In astrology, we consider this a cardinal time of year—cardinal means “leading.” The Sun is in the cardinal sign of Libra from September 22nd until October 23rd, which means we’re in for big seasonal (and energetic) changes.

Here’s what’s happening in the planets this month, which could impact your life and yoga practice.

Venus goes retrograde October 5 through November 16

As Venus appears to turn around in the sky and head back toward the sign of Libra, many of us will find that old, unresolved issues with who we love, the way we love, and how we let ourselves be loved, will begin to slowly nudge their way into our consciousness.

Venus rules love (and also intimacy, pleasure, affection and possessiveness). This retrograde finds Venus moving between both Scorpio and Libra. In the sign of Scorpio, Venus asks us to look below the surface at anything we’ve been blind to; in Libra, Venus asks us to examine our insincerities and the ways in which we compromise.

While this sounds challenging and very well may be, the good news about retrograding planets is that they bestow us with the time and space to evaluate. In the case of Venus, romantic love will be up for consideration, and so will everything we value. This is because Venus rules both Libra (which is all about partnership) and Taurus (which is all about abundance). So, prepare for a personalized combination of both themes to arrive at your doorstep, ready to be studied.

To help you do that prep work, ask yourself: What do you value? What do you love? Do you consider the people you love to be more valuable than you? Venus will bring you the wisdom you need to do some healing around it all. This is a good time to practice heart-opening yoga poses. After all, love and self-worth are usually felt the most deeply in our heart space.


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New Moon in Libra October 8

This New Moon is perfectly timed (and themed) to help support our Venus retrograde work. The themes of this Moon will include maintaining balance between emotions and identity. Do you abandon yourself when someone else with stronger needs and preferences shows up? Do you remain in a state of indecision because you don’t want to face the repercussion of a “bad choice?” Libra is about relationships, so this is a powerful time to get to the root of relational matters.

The Sun and Moon make some important connections to other planets during this New Moon as well. Ceres, the asteroid goddess of physical self-care, abundance, money, and food, is here reminding us that we cannot have quality relationships that nourish us unless we practice adequate self-care. Are we mothering ourselves in the ways our own mothers didn’t or couldn’t? If not, now’s the time to start.

What’s more, difficult connections to Pluto and Neptune remind us that love isn’t all sunshine and roses. Idealizations feel good, but they’re flimsy. Solid, lasting love comes at the price of open honesty about the baggage we bring into our relationships. If we don’t process the uncomfortable stuff in our current partnerships, it will travel with us into every relationship we have.

New Moons are a time of genesis, creation and formulation. Get still and quiet as you wait for your answers to come. Take deep, slow breaths as you practice, to support the flow of information from your inner guidance. The more information we have about what we want to create, the better.


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Sun Moves into Scorpio October 23

When this happens, we’ll have had a few weeks of Venus in Scorpio, so this energetic shift should feel relatively familiar. But do remember that the Sun in Scorpio emphasizes any urges we have to open up and explore the depths of our own psychology (and that of others, too).

While the Sun is in the sign of Scorpio, be very curious about the parts of your practice that you don’t enjoy. Ask yourself why—and make it a personal challenge to investigate your resistances. This inquiry might take you into new and never explored places within yourself, and Scorpio approves of that.


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Full Moon in Taurus October 24

The very next day, we have a powerful Full Moon in the (shall I say stubborn?) sign of Taurus. Full Moons are a potent time to free ourselves from old and stale emotions, but let me tell you: Those things aren’t always easy to let go of, and they might seem especially difficult to release this month, because of the other connections this moon makes.

The Moon in Taurus is directly across from the Sun in Scorpio and they both make a square to the Nodes of the Moon, all in the fixed signs. The fixed signs in astrology (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) can be immovable in their ideas, feelings, and convictions. This is a good time to explore any crystallized places within your soul and psyche that are aching to relax and dissolve a bit.

Taurus rules many things, including “the resources I have,” and Scorpio, in this respect, rules “the resources we share.” So, look specifically for any stagnant ideas or principals you have involving money or abundance, and the ways you avoid evolving in these areas.

Uranus is a part of this story, too, with a close connection to the Moon. Remember the Moon rules our emotions and Uranus shakes things up. Of course, we get emotional about our money! Of course, change is scary! Uranus will challenge all of those places where we’re grasping tight.

This is a good time to incorporate Lion’s Breath into your practice. Using your breath to move stagnant energy up and out of our bodies is something Taurus can get behind.

The most important thing to remember this month is that even in places of discomfort, we are strong. Even when relationship and money challenges us, we are strong. We can look at these modern-day tests as an extension of our yoga practice. We are learning endurance; we’re learning to hold a pose for just a few more breaths, even when it gets hard. It’s this development of stamina that truly brings us the capacity for growth.

About the Author
Natha Campanella is a Certified Life Coach, professional astrologer, and podcaster. More than just analyzing astrological archetypes, she gives dynamic interpretations of entire life stories by opening windows straight into the personal, family, and relationship dynamics of her clients. She aims to transform the people she works with by helping them make meaning of the gifts, burdens, and various complexities of being human. You can find her on, Instagram, and Facebook.