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Meet the 2019 Live Be Yoga Ambassadors

They’re embarking on a cross-country journey together to forge new conversations in yoga. Here, they share their inspirational stories.

Brand Spratt, Live Be Yoga Ambassador

Brandon Spratt

After college I was successful, in a sense, working in production in Hollywood. But I wasn’t mature enough to handle the money. I was going through a breakup, had lost friends, and I was out of work.

I ended up losing everything. I was so devastated and depressed that I couldn’t lift myself out of the mud. I lived in my car, then on the beach. I started asking: What is my purpose? How do I overcome this? But despite my despair, I still had faith that the universe cornered me into this period of self-reflection for a reason.

Then one day a woman I’d met told me to find Seventh Chakra Yoga in Huntington Beach. I felt a powerful force as soon as I stepped into that space, and I started bawling. The studio owner walked toward me with open arms.

She wound up giving me a job, paying for my Kundalini Yoga teacher training, and putting me on the schedule to teach.

Eventually I was back on my feet. It’s because of my devotion to yoga that I’ve released the shame around my story. I’ve made peace with it. I’ve also reframed it: I was never homeless; I was home-free.

Lauren Cohen, Live Be Yoga Ambassador

Lauren Cohen

I was a competitive figure skater for 15 years, starting at the age of four. I definitely had big dreams, but if you haven’t made it on a national scale by the time you’re 15, you’re not going to make it in this sport. So when I was done, I dealt with an identity crisis. I struggled with big health issues, including depression and anxiety, and took time off from college.

I needed to get back into my body. My mom found a yoga studio for me; it was
like coming home to myself. I’d never learned that type of breathing, or even how to be present. I often think about what would have happened at the peak of my skating career if I’d had these mindfulness skills then. But it was yoga that helped me know myself beyond my accomplishments.

I went back to school, did a teacher training, and worked. I’ve since done quite a bit of training with Jason Crandell and Janet Stone. And now, I’m teaching yoga full-time.

After years of being a major perfectionist, I learned how to use yoga to help me embrace that which is not perfect. I’m feeling great about my life, and I’m excited to broaden my own scope of awareness in the service of yoga.