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Live Be Yoga: 6 Principles We Learned on the West Coast to Cultivate Focus

From fostering community to making time for rest, the ambassadors share the secrets of zeroing in on what's important in life.

Live Be Yoga ambassadors Jeremy Falk and Aris Seaberg are on a road trip across the country to share real talk with master teachers, explore innovative classes, and so much more—all to illuminate what’s in store for the future of yoga.

With social media spewing photos, videos, and articles faster than we can consume them, it can be hard to stop your head from spinning. Practicing in studios along the West Coast offered Jeremy and Aris a glimpse of how to eliminate the extraneous and focus on the stuff that matters. Here, from Los Angeles to Orange County, six principles they gleaned on the mat.

1. Take Aim

Robert Sturman Photographs Jeremy Falk & Aris Seaberg
Robert Sturman

One of the most exciting days in Los Angeles was spent with photographer Robert Sturman, known for his iconic and dramatic photos that focus on life as told through the asana of everyday people, yogis, police officers, military personnel, and prisoners. We were honored to experience a private sunset photo shoot with him on a beach in Malibu, where we witnessed a behind-the-scenes look at how he takes aim with what he calls the “yoga of seeing.”

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2. Foster Community

Natura Wines at Wanderlust Hollywood

Wanderlust is known for its creative and inspirational gatherings that bring the yoga community together; our visit at the Hollywood studio provided just that. After a sweaty vinyasa class, we went from being strangers on the mat to becoming new friends as we enjoyed some post-flow refreshments together. Some nibbled raw cacao, some sipped kombucha, and others enjoyed a glass of organic, vegan wine from Natura Wines—but the conversation and connection was shared by all. 

3. Build Strength Sustainbly

Tiffany Russo teaching at YogaWorks Santa Monica
Aris Seaberg

While in sunny Santa Monica, we stopped by YogaWorks to practice with the wonderful Tiffany Russo. One of three teachers in the world qualified to lead Annie Carpenter’s SmartFLOW trainings, her class was challenging, poignant, and, well, intelligent. The combination of sound alignment and subtle muscle activation made this a practice that focused on strengthening for the long haul.

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4. Make Space for Rest


When we visited our friends in Orange County, we were grateful to stop by Spectra Yoga for a much-needed restorative class. After months on the road, constantly moving from one place to another, this class provided the sweetest reminder that, in order to fuel all the things we strive to accomplish, we have to focus equally on the time spent restoring ourselves back to full power. 

5. Practice for the Future

Better Living Yoga
Aris Seaberg

One of our favorite stops in Southern California was Better Living Yoga, a studio that provides yoga to those “40 and wiser” yet welcomes all yogis. Aris reconnected with one of her dearest friends Cindy Shapiro, who led a beautiful and intentional gentle flow that was truly accessible to all—including a vivacious 80-year-old woman in the front row! This studio is truly focusing on the future of yoga by providing a safe space for yogis who need gentle, supported poses that extend the life of their practice.

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6. Never Stop Evolving

Ra Yoga Studio
Aris Seaberg

Our final stop in SoCal was at Ra Yoga Studio in Long Beach. This new and ultra-modern studio had some cool features, including a shipping container that made up half of the studio wall and a pretty rad lighting system. Though our class was a 45-minute lunch flow, it didn’t skip out on depth and we were left pretty moved. With a genuine heart for the practice and an eye for the future, this was the third studio to open in the Ra family, and we were inspired by its focus on vision and growth. 

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