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Live Be Yoga: Looking for Your Next Act? 5 Stories in Salt Lake City That Will Inspire You to Begin Again

The ambassadors, on the final leg of the tour, discover that the city is teeming with reinvention.

Live Be Yoga ambassadors Jeremy Falk and Aris Seaberg are on a road trip across the country to share real talk with master teachers, explore innovative classes, and so much more—all to illuminate what’s in store for the future of yoga. 

Whether you are seeking to make a dramatic change in your life or you simply want to try something new, it takes courage and vision to chart a new path. Here, as they count down to their final 3 cities of the tour, the ambassadors share the 5 spots in Salt Lake City that inspired them to think about fresh starts.

Salt Lake Power Yoga on City Library Rooftop


Jen Reuben grew up in Salt Lake City, but an opportunity pulled her away to another state for years. She never thought that yoga was for her, but a newly made best friend convinced her to try it. As the familiar story goes, she fell in love with the practice on first sight—and was hooked. Eventually she moved back to SLC and decided to tackle another career with her newfound passion and opened Salt Lake City Power Yoga, which throws incredible rooftop yoga classes at The City Library. (It’s free and open to all!)

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Timpanogos Women’s Correctional Facility

Yoga Teacher Training at Timpanogos Women’s Correctional Facility

There’s hardly a place that represents the profundity of second chances like a prison. The complicated prison system is supposed to serve as a correctional facility, to provide tools of support for people to find their way back to society. Many prisons are ripe for reform. But it seems to be happening at the Timpanogos Women’s Correctional Facility, outside of Salt Lake City. This women’s prison is not only offering yoga classes, but with the support of local yoga teacher and activist, Denise Druce and her organization, Yoga Assets, it implemented a 200-hour Yoga Alliance-certified teacher training program. Now these women have a real chance to begin again in service of the world. Eileen, who was recently released and is completing her certification on the outside, told us, “If it weren’t for the teacher training program, the world would have consumed me again.” 

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Centered City Yoga


Centered City Yoga is one of Salt Lake City’s longest-standing yoga studios—which is never an easy feat! When it came time for the studio to change ownership, Eric Martin and Rachel Cieslewicz took over and gave it a chance to begin again. They’ve turned it into a bright, beautiful space. “It stands as a place for choosing happiness, planting seeds of love and abundance, practicing yoga, meditating, laughing, traveling, spending time with family and friends, learning new things, being consciously grateful and helping those in need,” they told us. 

Valley Junior High


Ah, junior high… It was an awkward, difficult, and overwhelming time for most of us! Luckily, Valley Junior High has implemented a mindfulness program that seems to calm the tumultuous waters of adolescence in a real way. With the help of Denise—who truly does embrace the service side of yoga in the Salt Lake City community—and the vision of principal Trent Hendricks, the teachers here have all been trained in simple and basic mindfulness techniques that they now implement in class. Generally, every class offers the chance to reset and begin again with simple stretches, a breathing technique, and a minute of mindful silence. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Students have said that it helps them deal with stress and anxiety—and it keeps them feeling fresh.

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Mudita Yoga


We had the pleasure of visiting Mudita Yoga, a beautiful boutique studio owned by Carrie Coppola. Carrie’s studio is rooted heavily in the Buddhist teaching of joy and the yogic teaching of service and community. She and her devoted team are very active in their outreach programs, which include feeding the homeless. When we stopped by, Carrie was dealing with a broken foot, which kept her away from her usual movements and activity. The injury proved to be a great teacher to summon the patience of beginning again. Instead of moving around the class to teach, she sat up front, surrounded for the first time by an array of beautiful singing bowls, and she led a powerful and deeply moving restorative flow. She moved us deeply while sitting still in her temporary truth, showing the world how to find new ways to stand in service—even when you can’t stand. 

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