The Complete Yoga Practice for Total Balance

Find harmony in your body, mind, and soul with this integrative sequence from Alive and Shine Center founders, Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri.
Cobra Pose

Live Be Yoga ambassadors Lauren Cohen and Brandon Spratt are on a road trip across the country to sit down with master teachers, host free local classes, and so much more—all to illuminate the conversations pulsing through the yoga community today. 

Seattle was nothing shy of beautiful. As most people know, Seattle has a reputation for being overcast, cloudy, and rainy. Luckily for us, we arrived to bright, sunny days with hardly a cloud in the sky. While out and about, we even got a little sunburned! After a beautiful day of exploring Seattle, we headed to Bellevue, WA, where we uncovered more light, meeting Aadil Palkhivala and his wife Savitri. They met as teenagers in a yoga class in Bombay. That class was being taught by Aadil’s mother who, today, at 90, is Iyengar’s oldest living teacher!

Originally from India, they founded Alive and Shine Center, which has been serving its community for over 27 years and their stories are fascinating. When he was only seven years old, Aadil started studying asana with B.K.S. Iyengar and was the youngest person to be awarded the Advanced Yoga Teacher’s Certificate from Iyengar at the age of 22. He also went on to get degrees in law, physics, and mathematics. 

When Savitri was 11 she had a serious head injury, as a teenager she was orphaned with the sudden death of both her parents in a plane crash and a few years later she experienced the murder of her sister. These shocking circumstances led to life-threatening illnesses and many near-death experiences. Her sincere desire for truth inspired her to create heart chakra-focused active meditations which she calls Heartfull® Meditation. She firmly believes that the aim of yoga is connection with the soul and the soul is the true healer of all pain.

We were fortunate to experience their unique styles of practice in a special community workshop. Aadil taught Purna Yoga®, with classic Iyengar-style asana while Savitri shared a profound pratyahara technique from her Heartfull® Meditation; Savitri focused on simple, unique pratyahara techniques to help connect the mind with eternal love within. Together, they were a complete practice that integrated the body, mind, and soul.

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