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Live Be Yoga: Here Are the Yoga Destinations in Denver and Boulder That Reconnected Us to Our Inner Nature

Back in the cities where the ambassadors first started, Aris Seaberg shares the spots that brought on a deeper insight into who she really is.

Live Be Yoga ambassadors Jeremy Falk and Aris Seaberg are on a road trip across the country to share real talk with master teachers, explore innovative classes, and so much more—all to illuminate what’s in store for the future of yoga.

That’s a wrap! From Tyrone Beverly’s Poetic Flow, which elicited tears, to The Freyja Project, a studio that brings out your inner warrior goddess, Aris Seaberg shares vignettes from the powerful visits that concluded the 2018 tour.

The Freyja Project

The Freyja Project

In the final two cities of the tour, our first stop was at The Freyja Project, a yoga, dance, and healing center in Denver. It’s named after the Nordic mythological goddess who is known for her beauty and love as well as her warrior spirit. It makes sense when you meet owner (and warrior woman) Patty Henry, who so closely embodies the goddess Freyja. It’s the perfect space to step away from the city streets and dive within. Our class with Ashlyn Bugbee was a blend of movement and mindfulness that allowed us to tap into our heart center. 

Tyrone Beverly’s Poetic Flow

Tyrone Beverly’s Poetic Flow

It’s hard to put into words how powerful it was to join Tyrone Beverly’s intimate class in his Denver home, but I can say that it evoked goosebumps. Tyrone is the founder and director of the community-building organization Im’Unique. Through the nonprofit, he created Breakin’ Bread, Breakin’ Barriers, a program that facilitates difficult conversations through yoga and sit-down meals between people of opposing viewpoints—such as police officers and community members who may not feel supported by the department.

These conversations and meals create a safe space for people to be heard and for true community to flourish by supporting each other—even if you don’t see things the same way. He and his dynamic team coordinate these dialogues but also do so much more, such offering yoga to populations who wouldn’t normally attend or who may not be able to financially afford a traditional studio. They also go out into the community and build relationships by offering food and clean water to homeless individuals.

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Early in his teaching, as he studied the meaning behind the asanas, he realized the purpose of the pose is to try embody the characteristics the pose is named after. For example, Mountain Pose is strong, stable, and rooted and connects us to the Earth. As he went through each pose, he organically developed a yoga flow that aligned with his words. In time, it turned into “Poetic Flow,” which is a scripted flow that literally left me in tears.

In the practice, Tyrone and his team moved to his methodical and purposeful words with such ferocity and intention. It was a complete merging of body and spirit that almost felt like a qigong-type dance. I have never witnessed or participated in a class like that. The artistry that accompanied the yoga makes you feel like you are painting energy with your body and heart. There was so much intention behind every single word; it was not forced, or demanded; it was purely an invitation to stand in your own power. I aspire to be that inspiring of a teacher.

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Denver Botanical Gardens

Yoga at Denver Botanical Gardens

Nothing calls you to your inner nature like being surrounded by nature itself. The Denver Botanical Gardens is one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever been to. Community classes are some of my favorites, as it invites a broad collection of people from the surrounding areas. It’s a place for people to connect through a healing practice. We were led through a balanced class that was appropriate for all bodies. Group classes with a such a diverse group of people teach you to listen to yourself and honor your body and practice.

Yogastrology at Karma Yoga

Yogastrology at Karma Yoga

Yoga and astrology, what a complementary pair! After all, they are two practices that are rooted in connecting to who you are at the core. At Karma Yoga Center in Denver, we joined owners Katrina Gustafson and Michael Shankara for two classes that connected us to the power of the transitioning seasons, of Fall Equinox, of the full moon in Aries, and of complete balance between daylight and dark, which takes place only twice a year. The class was so inspiring, as they discussed what was happening astrologically and how we can tap into our own energy to find the balance we need. No matter the modality, the key is that you are connecting to your internal awareness, which creates understanding and allows you to make a choice of how to move forward. 

Poolside Self-Care with Weleda

Self-care with Weleda

How often do you discover a company that not only cares about the quality of its products’ ingredients, but also the environment, the power of natural medicine, and the happiness and health of their employees? Not as often as we’d like, so we were thrilled to participate in a day of physical and mental wellness with more than 100 people from the Weleda skin care team. We all gathered around a rooftop pool in Boulder for an afternoon of yoga and connection. There, Jeremy and I had the great pleasure to do what we both love—teach yoga!

After a long day of sales conferences, we were inspired to lead them through a class designed to find balance within and nourish their bodies, just as their products do. We sealed the practice with an intentional self-care ritual that incorporated my favorite Weleda product, Arnica Massage Oil. Weleda products are truly designed to support your connection with nature and your truest inner nature. 

Bodhi Movement Boulder

Bodhi Movement

Donation-based yoga is still a rare offering in the yoga scene. Yet it is so necessary to make yoga more accessible by allowing the practice to service a wider community. Ultimately, when more people practice, it allows students and teachers alike to thrive. Bodhi Movement Boulder offers donation-based classes to connect its community—which is the heart of yoga. Bodhi is a beautiful reminder to come back to the heart of the practice, to connect to the community, and to connect with yourself.

The Subtle Mind

The Subtle Mind

It was such a synchronistic surprise to have our last class of the tour at The Subtle Mind, a meditation studio in Boulder, CO, because it was where Jeremy and I practiced together when we first started on this adventure! The tour brought us back to where we started, a full circle, but we now had a broader understanding of how yoga is impacting the country and deeper insights into ourselves. As co-founder Victoria Larkins led us through the most magical Reiki meditation, I reflected on the past six months and all the lessons and blessing it brought. The tour has been an amazing whirlwind, and having the space to be still and connect to my own energy was exactly what I needed as I transition into the next phase of my life.

Namaste to our partner, Natura Wines

Natura Wines

Like everything in our lives, we try to slow down and allow every endeavor to be a practice of sustainability and mindfulness. On the tour, when we intentionally choose to enjoy a glass of wine, we are grateful that we could do so with support from a brand like Natura, whose vegan, organic wines are sustainably produced from all over the world.

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