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Live Be Yoga Archive

Live Be Yoga: How San Francisco Reinforced That Yoga Teachers Will Always Be Students First

The best instructors are forever curious and learning. Here, Jeremy and Aris reflect on finding inspiration and translating it into their teaching.

Live Be Yoga ambassadors Jeremy Falk and Aris Seaberg are on a road trip across the country to share real talk with master teachers, explore innovative classes, and so much more—all to illuminate what’s in store for the future of yoga. 

As two yoga teachers, the Live Be Yoga tour has been an amazing opportunity for us to step away from our teaching roles, get back on the mat, and absorb wisdom from so many teachers across the country. We believe that a yoga teacher must always be in the role of a student! In San Francisco, we were fortunate to enjoy an eclectic mix of wellness teachings, including a Tantra workshop with Sally Kempton. In addition, for the first time since the tour began, both of us also stepped in front of the classroom again. Here, we reflect on finding inspiration everywhere, and how they translated it in their own teaching.

A Homecoming Class Revealed an Evolving Lineage

Jeremy Falk teaches yoga at Love Story Yoga
Aris Seaberg

Jeremy and I have been living, working, and traveling on the road together for more than four months. That’s a lot of togetherness, and yet I had not taken a yoga class led solely by him! In the Bay Area, not only was I able to see Jeremy in his element—playing his harmonium, leading a sweaty, bhakti-filled vinyasa class at his home-base studio, Love Story—but I also was able to witness in a deeper capacity his role as a student.

What we draw from our practices starts to integrate into how we live, and even how we teach. Since we have been attending the same classes on our tour, getting inspired from so many seasoned teachers, I was able to identify the source of the wisdom that was passed down and so effortlessly flowed through him—it was very cool! Jeremy’s devotion to the practice, along with his playful demeanor, was a reminder that when we are in alignment with ourselves and dedicated to what we love, we are able to authentically offer our true gifts just by being ourselves. As Pablo Picasso once said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose is to give it away.” —Aris

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Your Favorite Teacher’s Wisdom Will Always Stick

Mark Morford at Yoga Tree Castro
Jeremy Falk

When coming home to San Francisco, one of the things I was most excited for was getting to be a student and practice with some of my favorite teachers, including Mark Morford at Yoga Tree Castro. Mark has always taught me that in class you can have it all—sweat, inspiration, devotion, creative sequencing, philosophy, and a total cathartic release. He reminds me that even though this is a very individual practice, it’s also a powerful healing experience for a community. “It’s just like Church,” Mark always says, “except completely different.” —Jeremy

Sometimes Inspiration Comes From Your Peers

Aris Seaberg teaching at Shufferfest
Jeremy Falk

After traveling together for months on the road, it was such a privilege to see another side of Aris. We stepped out of work mode, and I observed her in her craft, doing what inspired us both to start this journey. What I loved and learned from Aris’s class at Shufferfest was her ability to remain soft and grounded, even in tumultuous circumstances. Since she is a SoCal girl, I knew it was a challenge for her to teach outdoors in San Francisco’s foggy evening wind. Even so, she brought forth a class that was playful, insightful, and heart centered—much like herself. —Jeremy

Teachers Are Everywhere—as Long as You’re Open to Learning

1440 Multiversity
Aris Seaberg

The gesture of your palms up while meditating is a physical act of consciously choosing to be open to receiving. It is also a practice we can apply to our lives. The more open we are, the more receptive we can be to outside wisdom, and the less we attach to thinking our way is the only way. This mindset allows space for a teacher to come in many forms. 

Our time at 1440 Multiversity, an immersion learning center north of Santa Cruz, gifted us so many teachers. Some, like those instructor who taught yoga, qi gong, and meditation, were more traditional. Others were unexpected, like Mother, a 1,200-year-old tree on the property. She is an example of life force in the forest; after all, she weaves her roots into all the other trees’ to support and help sustain their lives. 

We also discovered that when approaching a situation with receptivity, a simple sentence or phrase may end up flipping that light bulb switch on and illuminating an epiphany. There’s one phrase that 1440 executive chef Kenny Woods said during his interview: “It’s food, not rocket science.”

It’s so simple, and little did we know that Jeremy and I would be using that reminder ourselves. Since departing 1440, anytime we feel overwhelmed or stressed, we come back to “It’s not rocket science” and are able to quickly shift our perspective from the negative to the positive. —Aris

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Conscious Brands Have the Means to Spread Hope at Larger Scales

Nirvana Bars event

As we left San Francisco, we made a pit stop in Carmel, CA, to attend an amazing community event hosted by Nirvana Bars. It was a perfect day in the beachside city, hosted by lovely individuals, Nirvana Bars founder Nina and Nedda Janatpour, who pour their hearts into their community. They started the day with their origin story and the reason they do what they do.

They are passionate about holistic wellness because in their own journey they learned to heal their bodies with food. Every ingredient in Nirvana Bars is there for a specific reason—and only of the highest quality. It was fascinating to learn what each ingredient has to offer.

We were then led by Treehaus Wellness co-owner Kate Balog through mindful yoga practice accompanied by sound healing bowls, live mantra, and singing to acoustic music. This progressed into more than 50 people joining in a circle practicing yoga and setting intentions. Afterwards, the students were overwhelmed with joy and felt the interconnectedness of us all.

“These are the kinds of things that bring me hope for our future,” one yogi told us. “That people like you all exist with intention.”

On this magical day, we were reminded of the power of conscious human connection. —Aris

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Namaste to Our Partner, K-Deer!

Aris Seaberg posing in K-Deer leggings
Jeremy Falk

Whether I am in a hot yoga class or hiking around rolling hill lined with Redwood, my K-Deer leggings have been the perfect choice for the many events throughout San Francisco! Not only are the fun prints unique, but they are comfortable, breathable, and UPF protectant! —Aris 

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Robert Sturman Photographs Jeremy Falk & Aris Seaberg
Robert Sturman

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