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Live Be Yoga: 10 Can’t-Miss Stops in San Francisco

From yoga to great eats to breathtaking vistas, we had an amazing time in The City by the Bay. Here are 10 great discoveries we made on this awesome Tour stop.

1. Love Story Yoga

love story livebeyoga san francisco

“I named the studio Love Story because yoga is the greatest love story of all,” says owner and teacher Stephanie Snyder of her beautiful new studio in the heart of The Mission district of San Francisco. Traditional teaching methods combined with a promise to make you sweat is the name of the game for this newcomer. Pro tip: Love Story has only one studio room, but it’s huge and so are the classes. Over 100 students packed into ours, so if you’re looking for the energy of a mass of yogis, this is your place!

2. Harmonia

guitar livebeyoga san francisco

One of our favorite stops so far, Harmonia in Marin will leave you wanting more and not wanting to leave. Harmonia resides in a building steeped in rock-star history: the legendary Record Plant, where the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Prince made history. Founder Jennifer Adler called upon all her talent, skill, and experience in keeping much of the original studio intact while creating a stunning, calming place to practice yoga. We highly recommend a class with Amber. Pro tip: Harmonia isn’t just yoga and history, it’s an entire wellness community! Come for the flow and stay for the sauna, a massage, and a glass of wine!

3. Tartine

livebeyoga san francisco

If you’re going to indulge in something baked and delicious, you had better make sure it’s worth it. We had no doubts we made the right choice as we stood in line at Tartine, drooling over the pastry case. This James Beard-winning bakery will sweep you off your feet with their decadent lineup of freshmade desserts. Helpful, friendly staff round out a great sugar rush experience. Pro tip: Even if you don’t have to use the restroom, pretend you’re waiting in line for it. It’ll give you front row seats to all the talented bakers in action!

4. Four Barrel

coffee livebeyoga san francisco

If I haven’t made this clear enough already, I love coffee. I like it snobby, delicious, and pretentious. San Francisco delivered wholeheartedly with a knockout cappuccino at Four Barrel. A caffeinated one-two punch of on-site fresh roasted beans and masterful baristas kept my coffee-craving self satisfied all week. Pro tip: There are two separate coffee bars inside, one for espresso drinks and one for their signature pour-overs. Try ‘em both!  

5. Fresh Brew Coffee

coffee shop livebeyoga san francisco

One of the things I miss most about living in a densely populated supercity is finding that one little hole-in-the-wall joint that will never let you down. Fresh Brew Coffee on Bush Street made me wish I lived on the block. The friendly, loving, and incredibly hardworking family that owns and operates Fresh Brew will make you feel like you just walked into Cheers when you head in for your breakfast sandwich. Tasty food at prices that never left 1995 are just the cherry on top. While you wait, make sure to check out the artwork hand-painted by their daughter, Iris, that lines the walls. Pro tip: It’s not just eggs and bacon at this tiny spot—the hidden gems are their Vietnamese sandwiches! Try the meatball!

6. Ragalito Rosticeria

food livebeyoga san francisco

You can’t stroll through a neighborhood as rich in Latin history as The Mission without trying some killer Mexican food. You could close your eyes, pick a direction, and stumble right into any number of fresh-fried tortilla scented cantinas, but I recommend checking out Regalito Rosticeria. Family-owned and operated, it’s the traditional Mexican home cooking here that gets people coming in and keeps them coming back. Pro tip: The homemade horchata is to die for, but get it quick! When it’s gone, it’s gone! 

7. Land’s End

livebeyoga san francisco beach

When I lived in New York, some of my favorite parts of the city were the parts that didn’t feel like the city at all. Land’s End is just one of those places. Located on the far east end of the city, hidden behind the Lincoln Park Golf Course, Land’s End offers up spectacular views of the Golden Gate waterway and the eponymous bridge that spans it. A network of easy trails will lead you to hidden beaches, tree-filled vantage points, and a beautiful stone labyrinth just begging for your Instagram feed. Pro tip: Inside the crazy microclimates of the Bay Area, the weather can vary drastically. Take a jacket just in case!

8. Haight-Ashbury

livebeyoga san francisco city

A reputation as the birthplace of the hippie counterculture in the 1960’s makes this funky neighborhood one of the hottest tickets in town. While the quirky shops, trendy secondhand clothing stores, and cafes are certainly worth poking around in, it’s the people watching that really makes this area worth the fight for parking. Pro tip: Some of the best examples of early 20th Century architecture dot Haight-Ashbury, as it was one of the few neighborhoods spared by the great fire that took over the city after the 1906 earthquake. 

9. Ina Coolbrith Park

livebeyoga san francisco

So tiny it barely registers as a green blip on Google Maps, Ina Coolbrith Park was my favorite accidental discovery in San Francisco. Named in honor of San Francisco poet and literary figure Ina Coolbrith, this diminutive park is nestled high on the peak of a Russian Hill intersection. On a clear evening, it affords breathtaking vistas of both downtown San Francisco and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Pro tip: I can’t think of another place in San Francisco with a tourist-free view like this—bring your camera!

10. EO Exchange

livebeyoga san francisco EO

If, while in the Bay Area, you have some time to explore the adorable village of Mill Valley, I highly recommend it. The trees, the people, the restaurants, the shops … it’s almost too perfect. While strolling, be sure to pop into the EO Exchange. You can purchase the entire lineup of EO products, but the real star here is the essential oil bar. You’ll sit down with an EO aromatherapist and design your own custom fragrance. With the entire lineup of EO’s essential oils at your disposal, you can mad scientist your way to the perfect scent. Pro tip: Look through their recipe book for inspiration, and then riff from there!

11. prAna

livebeyoga san francisco prana

Rosie and I would like to extend a huge thank you to prAna clothing for supporting the 2017 Live Be Yoga tour! prAna was generous enough to outfit both of us for the entire 6-month tour, and lucky for us it’s not just yoga wear. We’ve loved being able to wear their lifestyle line when we have a day away from the studio. As a bonus, prAna uses organic, sustainable, and responsibly sourced materials to make their clothes, and that makes us feel proud to wear them. Thank you!