Live Be Yoga: 4 Ways to Modify Common Poses for Hand and Wrist Injuries

LiveBeYoga tour ambassador Rosie Acosta shares how she's modified her daily practice since a summer bike accident.

Over the summer, I fell while I was riding my bike, broke three fingers, and sprained the ligaments in my hand. While this has been a major bummer, it’s also been such a huge teacher for me. I’ve learned a lot about patience and how to be kind to myself. I noticed that even with my Darth Vader hand, I’ve been able to modify yoga poses and be extremely mindful so as to avoid compounding my injury. 

Since I’ve received so many questions from other people with injuries about how I managed to get through an entire yoga class, I want to share how I've modified a few of the poses I do daily. As always, it's wise to check with your doctor prior to any physical activity, especially if you’ve been injured.