Live Be Yoga: 5 Travel Tips for Yogis

Our Live Be Yoga Tour ambassador shares her 5 tips for surviving and thriving on the road.
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1) TALK TO PEOPLE. We've had some great luck finding really incredible places to check out just by asking for recommendations from our Yoga Journal family. It’s a great way to connect with people and see them light up and talk about the things that they love. Even if we don’t get to see everything they recommend, it’s worth the ask. More conversation, please.

2) SEARCH FOR THE ULTIMATE GREEN JUICE. I’ve been quite impressed with the level of juice options in each city we've visited. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for every truck stop YET, but I can say we are making progress. There are way more options on the road than I would have imagined.

3) PACK YOUR OWN 'TRAVELING NIGHT STAND'. Making each Airbnb or hotel room feel like home is a big deal for me. Since I travel so much, it’s important for me to feel grounded everywhere I go. This is what you'll find on what I call my "traveling night stand":

a. A little plant

b. My mala beads

c. Crystals

d. My CamelBak KickBak Tumbler

e. A good book

f. My writing journals

g. A candle

h. EO Essential Oils and EO Deodorant Wipes

i. A ball to roll out my feet every morning

4) FIND THE BEST LOCAL YOGA STUDIOS. Part of why this tour is so cool is that we find the best yoga studios in every city! Luckily we have tools like the MINDBODY app to help us locate places nearest to where we are staying. We have also used the MINDBODY app to book massages--just sayin'. Anytime you spend as much time as we do in a vehicle, your body will give you feedback. Movement and a bi-weekly massage seem to keep the body happy.

5) HAVE AN EXPERIENCE. Part of my job as an ambassador to the Live Be Yoga tour is to document everything we are doing, so there is a lot of social media action happening at all times. That being said, I try to be mindful about putting my trusty iDevice away, or leaving it in the car or at home. Social media is a large part of my life, so sometimes it’s difficult to resist taking a photo of a special spot, delicious treat, or epic experience. However, having the mindfulness and awareness to just be present and in the moment has been key to this incredible experience. It's a beautiful thing to be able to have a moment where I can take a picture with my mind, have it belong to me, and then allow it to float away without being attached to it.