Twenty years ago, when I visited Washington, D.C., as a teenager, I enjoyed the choppy bus tour version of this beautiful city and its monuments with all the attention span that a 15-year-old could muster. With no understanding of the immeasurable weight of the history, the struggle, or the ingenuity it took to put them there, the monuments were just fodder for the dozens of rolls of film I eagerly fed my hungry Canon. This time, it was different.

As I walked through the nation's capital--the third stop on the Live Be Yoga Tour--I took the time to appreciate and meditate on not just the texture that each structure adds to the cityscape, but the passion, the ferocity, and the bloodshed behind each edifice. Suddenly, a city that I once experienced only as beautiful and clean becomes what it was always meant to be: a tribute to the tenacity of the human spirit.

In taking the time to speak with local Washingtonians, some of whom were born in D.C., some of whom are transplants, I got to to know the people that are the heart of "Washington." As divided as the country seems today as a result of politics, it was heartening to see D.C. not just as the center of all the drama, but as a bustling, incredibly vibrant and diverse place. Streets and yoga classes were filled with people of every race and age. People are beginning to acknowledge that, no matter what side of the aisle we lean toward, we have to care for each other.