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Live Be Yoga Visits Elementary School Yoga Program in Flint

The Live Be Yoga Tour was "blown away" by the effects that yoga and mindfulness are having on elementary school students in Flint, Michigan.

Above, left to right: James and Arris are two of many students practicing yoga and mindfulness at their elementary school in Flint, Michigan. See more on Facebook.

The Live Be Yoga Tour was “blown away” by the effects that yoga and mindfulness are having on elementary school students in Flint, Michigan.

“They have this calmness and presence in mindfulness class that we’ve never even fathomed elementary school students to have, and I think it’s absolutely due to the yoga and mindfulness program here that the Crim Fitness Foundation has brought to this school,” Live Be Yoga Tour Ambassador Taylor O’Sullivan told ABC12. See the full report here.

The Live Be Yoga Tour, a collaboration between Gaia and Yoga Journal, stopped at Eisenhower Elementary on Tuesday to observe the Crim Fitness Foundation’s Mindfulness and Yoga programs in Flint Community Schools and to speak to students about their practice.

“I could get emotional … I’m so blown away by what’s going on here. It’s just revolutionary in the way that children approach their lives,” said Live Be Yoga Tour Ambassador Tarah Stuht.

The Crim Fitness Foundation has been teaching mindfulness in Flint schools for four years, and the kids are reaping the benefits, even continuing their practice at home.

“I do it in the morning, at lunch, I do it at home,” Eisenhower Elementary student James Clark told ABC12. “I like that it helps you focus when you’re taking a test and check out the distractions around you.” Classmate Arris Adams, who practices yoga with his fellow students every morning before school, said yoga makes him feel less alone. “You feel so relaxed, so calm and good,” he told ABC12.

Gaia is donating a membership to a teacher in Flint for every membership purchased. Click here for more information.

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