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Meet Tarah Stuht, Tour Ambassador

Tarah never expected to actually accomplish all of her goals at once, which is why she is beaming with gratitude and so excited to get on the road.

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Tarah is a food-lover, photographer, adventure traveler and free spirit. She is from the coffee capital of the country, Seattle, Washington, where she grew up cooking with her mother, Julie, practicing yoga and learning winemaking from her grandparents. Tarah loves to be outdoors, preferably in the woods where she can hike, breathe fresh air and take a minute to pause. She has a deep affection for music, specifically jazz, which she sang for many years.

Tarah’s first yoga class was a heated vinyasa flow. At the time, she was only fourteen and the youngest in the class. Nonetheless, she fell in love with the way yoga challenged and surprised her. Over the next several years, she spent most of her time in the yoga studio with her mother. Together, they consistently tried new postures and slowly developed their practices on and off the mat. Tarah adopted the yoga lifestyle by eating well, practicing mindfulness, caring for the planet and challenging herself mentally. Tarah’s passion for yoga grew into a determination to make it a career. She studied broadcast journalism in college, where she worked in front of the camera, in hopes of eventually using her skills to spread yoga and it’s purpose. She wasn’t sure how to blend her passion for storytelling and yoga, until she took teacher training years later in college, and saw the versatility within the business of yoga.

For the past five years, Tarah has worked in television. She’s traveled to multiple countries making documentaries, studying various languages, practicing yoga and writing. Yoga, travel, music and French language have been the biggest passions in her life. At twenty-one, she moved to Paris to study photography, Hatha Yoga and anthropology. In order to build her career, Tarah worked for Discovery Channel, where she conditioned her media business practices and worked heavily in television development.

Yoga has transformed Tarah in every way. She has become someone who uses yoga to see the benefits in all situations, to see the best in all people and to be patient with life’s journey. She’s learned to view the world from multiple perspectives and approach each day energetically and positively. One of her favorite yoga philosophies is: ‘life is a journey without a true destination.’ This has become Tarah’s mantra. She values life’s ups and downs because they keep each moment interesting and unpredictable. Tarah never expected to actually accomplish all of her goals at once, which is why she is beaming with gratitude and so excited to get on the road.
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