Meet Taylor O'Sullivan, Tour Ambassador

She can’t wait to hit the road and meet more incredible people in the yoga community.
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As an adventure-seeking yogi and storyteller, Taylor has traveled to over 30 countries, sharing her travels through her blog and social media. She lives to inspire people through words and images.

Her love for human interaction and compelling stories is reflected in her career. She has worked in media for over ten years, both behind and in front of the camera, with an emphasis in documentary and TV. She’s interviewed and filmed dozens of people over the years, from children in Peru to football players to global thought leaders. Having the ability to connect with people around the world and share their stories on camera is so special, something that she is endlessly grateful for.

Taylor has been practicing yoga for three years. Her mother invited her very first yoga class, a heated Vinyasa flow at Core Power Yoga in Southern California. She was nervous at first because she wasn’t flexible and thought the idea of being in a heated room with dozens of sweaty bodies sounded a bit strange. But she’s always been open to trying new things, so she gave it a try.

She never felt so alive as she did during her first heated Vinyasa flow. And that first Savasana? She found herself in a state of unencumbered bliss. She had never experienced such weightlessness, like all of her worries had been wiped away. She was a clean slate, unbridled by stress and with a profound sense of mental clarity. She fell in love with that feeling and that feeling kept her coming back for more.

Yoga positively transformed every aspect of her life. It inspired her to practice meditation, manage her stress, and challenge herself both physically and mentally. Taylor believes that yoga is a gateway to living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The asana may be the most tangible form of yoga practice, but for her, there are so many more layers. To deepen and explore the more spiritual element of her yoga practice, Taylor went on a retreat in India and it changed her life. Immersing herself 100% in yoga, especially in its sacred birthplace, taught her more than she could have ever imagined.

Yoga has allowed her to live more deeply by opening her mind, shifting her perspective and teaching her gratitude. She tries to bring all of these elements of yoga into her life on a daily basis, not just while she’s on her mat. Incorporating these principles into her life has genuinely made her a happier and more fulfilled human being.

Taylor wants to tell the whole world about the incredible impact yoga has had on her life, and is thrilled that the Live Be Yoga tour will empower her to do just that. She can’t wait to hit the road and meet more incredible people in the yoga community!

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