Miraval Spa & Resort: More Than Just Luxury

Miraval is a luxury spa and resort with five-star service and amazing food, but what sets this place apart is the unique personal growth experiences they offer.
Taylor O'Sullivan at Miraval.

As someone who travels the world for a living, I’ve been lucky to visit a lot of incredible places on this planet. I can, however, say with confidence that I have never been somewhere more incredible than Miraval Wellness Spa & Resort in Tucson, Arizona. Miraval is a luxury spa and resort with five-star service and amazing food, but what really sets this place apart is the unique personal growth experiences they offer.

During our four-day stay at Miraval (which is consistently ranked as one of the world’s top destination spas by Travel + Leisure, SpaFinder, and Condé Nast Traveler), the Live Be Yoga Tour had the opportunity to experience a plethora of unique and life-changing activities -- including three very different yoga classes. In Aerial Yoga, we felt like flying ballerinas, twisting our bodies in hanging silks, stretching deeply, and becoming present in ways not possible before. In Flying Dragon Yoga, we combined the deep stretching of a Yin practice with an energizing Yang flow, opening our hearts and our minds. In Desert Waves Yoga, we utilized an Indo Yoga Board, which simulates the unstable feeling of standup paddle board (SUP) yoga. We engaged our core on a whole new level.

Studying bees at Miraval.

Beyond yoga, the Live "Bee" Yoga team got to don beekeeper suits and learn hands-on from Miraval’s resident beekeeper, Noel Patterson, as part of their All the Buzz program. Noel taught us about mindfulness, sustainability, and the instrumental impact that bees have on our world. In the Himalayan Sound Bath, master healers Pam Lancaster and Tim Frank used ancient singing bowls and warm water to heal our bodies and calm our minds through natural vibrations. In Crystal Energy Healing, we received Reiki and crystal healing to balance our chakras and cleanse the energy centers in the body. And these are just a few examples of the impressive array of experiences that Miraval offers.

The Live Be Yoga Tour visits Miraval.

The property at Miraval is stunning. It’s tranquil, sprawling, and sits delicately beneath the majestic Santa Catalina Mountains. The rooms are perfect. The bed inside each room can’t even be called a bed -- it’s more like a fluffy cloud or jumbo marshmallow that you get to rest your head on every night. The service is impeccable and the staff is warm and friendly, anticipating guests' needs and making possible nearly anything you desire. The food is fresh, healthy, vibrant, and made with love. Since the resort is all-inclusive, three delicious meals are included per day. There is also a juice bar on-site where you can request any kind of juice you can dream up, all included. Music to a yogi's ears!

But Miraval is more than just a beautiful resort, it's the embodiment of life in balance. Our experiences at Miraval brought us an immense amount of joy and taught us to live in the moment, act mindfully, and be conscious of the unique intersection of mind, body, and spirit. If you’re looking for a truly special and enriching getaway, don’t miss Miraval Wellness Spa & Resort.

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