Our tour might just be coming to your city! Find out below.

Our tour might just be coming to your city! Find out below.

2020 LBY Tour Schedule


May 30-June 2

Salt Lake City, UT

June 4-7

Boise, ID

June 9-11 

Portland, OR

June 14-19

San Francisco, CA

June 20

DisclosureFest - Los Angeles, CA

June 20-22

Los Angeles, CA

June 23-29 

Telluride Yoga Festival – Telluride, CO 

July 1-3 

Los Angeles, CA

July 14-18

Austin, TX

July 20-27 

Asheville, NC

July 23-26 

Love, Shine, Play Festival - Asheville, NC

July 28-August 1 

New Orleans, LA

August 5-9 

Sat Nam Festival – Lenox, MA

August 10-15 

Charleston, SC

August 16-22 

Washington, DC

August 23-29 

Philadelphia, PA

August 30-Sept 4 

New York, NY

Sept 6-12 

Memphis, TN

September 12 

Memphis Rox Yoga Festival - Memphis, TN

Sept 24-27 

Attune Experience – Atlanta, GA

Sept 30-Oct 7

Chicago, IL

October 8-12 

Kansas City, MO

October 13-16 

Denver, CO

October 18-24

Boulder, CO

All markets, festivals, and dates subject to change.

Are you a studio or festival interested in hosting the Live Be Yoga Tour in 2020? Send an email to livebeyoga@yogajournal.com with details on your studio and location. We’re looking specifically for larger capacity studios, or studios that host events at larger indoor/outdoor venues for special occasions.