The Live Be Yoga Tour Visits Uncle Matt’s Organic Farm

Live Be Yoga Tour visits Uncle Matt's Organic Farm.

Live Be Yoga Tour ambassadors Tarah Stuht and Taylor O'Sullivan relied on MegaFood™ supplements to stay healthy during the 2016 Live Be Yoga Tour. Here, they pay a visit to Benny McClean of Uncle Matt’s Organic Farm, which sources the oranges that MegaFood™ uses to deliver the Vitamin C in its supplements.

MegaFood™ is committed to real because we like the way real makes you feel. And we like the way it makes us feel. We like the feel of working with real organic farmers and real local natural retailers—of being a small, honest, rooted-in-real New Hampshire company. We like the feel of being real, using real, making real. MegaFood is a sponsor of the 2016 Live Be Yoga Tour.