Tour Team


We’re so excited to announce Rosie Acosta and Brant Williams as our 2017 Live Be Yoga Tour Ambassadors!

Rosie Acosta

At the age of six, Rosie had tapped into the healing powers of meditation by focusing on her breath. Growing up in East LA, it was her way of managing stress and anxiety. Rosie’s introduction to yoga was at the Self Realization Center in LA when she was 16, but it wasn’t until she began training for a marathon in her early 20’s that she found her love for the practice. As she says, the movement linked to the breath helped to connect with her true self.

After completing a 200-hour teacher training with Rod Stryker at Yoga Works years later, she began teaching full time. She’s since developed her brand, Radically Loved, delivering the message that we’re all born with limitless potential. She travels across the US and the world teaching classes and leading teacher trainings. Currently, Rosie splits her time in Portland and LA teaching full-time.

Brant Williams

What Is Yoga? “Yoga is any possible combination of movement and breath and attention”… -Brant Williams

Brant Williams has a smile that will truly light up an entire room. He is an incredible yogi on and off the mat.

Brant grew up in Canyon City, Colorado with his younger sister. The most inspiring person in his life was his mother, she worked hard waiting tables and going to college as she raised two kids. As a child he wanted to be a search and rescue for the Coast Guard because he wanted to save lives but years later would discover he had a hidden talent for acting and singing. His first year of high school he landed a staring lead role in the musical “Oklahoma!”, with new aspirations of pursuing musical theatre, he went to the University of Northern Colorado to become a singer and actor. After graduating from UNC, Brant moved to New York City for a few years before packing up the U-Haul to make the big move to Los Angeles.

An avid yoga practitioner through his college years, Brant wanted to dive deeper into his practice amid the transition to the West Coast. He completed his first Yoga Teacher Training with CorePower in Los Angeles and began teaching soon after.

Currently, Brant is deeply inspired by travel, he found his old passport, expired with zero stamps and decided that wasn’t going to work for him.

Biggest Life Lesson: To have sense of humor about everything.

Three Things That Every Yogi Should Know:

  1. we are here to find joy
  2. its up to you to surround yourself with inspiration
  3. take time to unplug

Words of Wisdom: “I am rooted but I flow” – Virgina Woolf

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