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Activate Your Chakras By Chanting the Bija Mantras

Certain "seed sounds" can activate your chakras. Here's what they are, what they sound like, and how to use them.

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A bija mantra is a single-syllable sound that can be used in meditation to cultivate health, vitality, and inspiration. In Sanskrit, “bija” translates to “seed.”  So when you practice meditation using bija mantras, it is like watering the seeds of your highest purpose to bring mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance—and to create harmony with your environment.

One way to use bija mantras is to connect them with the chakras—the 7 spinning wheels or vortexes of energy that align with the central channel (Shushumna Nadi) or spinal cord. These chakras affect your consciousness, the subtle bodies, and your physical body. 

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How to use bija mantras to align your chakras

Each chakra has a seed mantra that activates its vitality and dormant potential. Intoning the mantra can speed up or slow down the potential energy associated with each chakra to amplify and purify it. 

The video below will guide you through each bija mantra. You’ll use a a basic formula of 4 long intonations, followed by 8 fast versions. You’ll close our your practice by repeating the original 4 long chants.

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Muladhara – Root Chakra

Energy: Groundedness
Bija Mantra: LAM
Intent: I AM – strong, stable, at peace.
Crystal: Red Jasper to connect deeply with the earth, nurture tranquility, and support wholeness.

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Svadhisthana – Sacral Chakra

Energy: Creativity
Bija Mantra: Vam
Intent: I FEEL – creativity flowing through me.
Crystal: Orange Aventurine to encourage perseverance, raise confidence, especially when dealing with issues of self-worth.

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ManiPura – Solar Plexus Chakra

Energy: Inner Strength
Bija Mantra: Ram
Intent: I DO – but sometimes letting go is the most empowering choice.
Crystal: Yellow Aventurine to provide a sense of ease, reassuring for those who are sensitive or indecisive

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Anahata – Heart Chakra

Energy: Compassion
Bija Mantra: Yam
Intent: I LOVE – giving equals receiving.
Crystal: Green Aventurine to comfort, protect, and soothe the heart when working through unresolved emotional issues

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Vishuddha – Throat Chakra

Energy: Expression
Bija Mantra: Ham
Intent: I SPEAK – my words are like seeds.
Crystal: Lapis Lazuli to foster clear, truthful expression.

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Ajna – Third Eye Chakra

Energy: Imagination
Bija Mantra: OM
Intent: I SEE – and am open to new ideas.
Crystal: Amethyst to connect the physical plane with a higher realm.

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Sahasrara – Crown Chakra

Energy: Enlightenment
Bija Mantra: Silent OM
Intent: I UNDERSTAND – and surrender to the highest and the best that seeks to engage through me.
Crystal: Clear Quartz to enhance and strengthen aura.

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Complete Chakra Bija Mantra Practice

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