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Combat the Effects of Excessive Sitting at the Computer with this Sequence

Feeling zapped from excessive sitting, social scrolling, and information overload? Try this sequence to activate an open heart in order to create spaciousness throughout your body and being.

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This Kundalini Yoga-inspired sequence will help open and expand the energy of your heart center to fight fatigue, stress, and move old, stuck energy. An invigorating pranayama called Breath of Fire is used throughout the sequence. If you have the time, end with a long, restorative Savasana to reboot your body and circulate new energy.

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Heart Center Opener


Sit in easy pose and lift both arms up at a 60-degree angle, keeping the elbows and wrist as straight as possible. In this posture, begin the breath of fire for 1 minute (inhale and exhale rapidly through the nose). Then inhale, hold the breath while pumping the stomach in and out 16 times, then exhale. Continue this for 2 to 3 minutes.

Rock Pose with Parallel Arms


Quickly following heart center opener sit on your heels with your arms parallel to the ground. Let your hands hang from the wrists. Begin breath of fire for 3 minutes (inhale and exhale rapidly through the nose). Then inhale, hold, exhale, and relax.

Stomach Pumps


With your knees wide apart, sit on your heels and lean back 60 degrees from the ground while supporting your body with your arms straight. While tilting your neck back, inhale and hold the breath while pumping the stomach in and out according to your capacity. When you can no longer hold the breath, exhale. Continue this for 2 minutes. Repeat or tilt back to 30 degrees and repeat the cycle again.

Bowing Pose (Guru Pranam) with Ong Sohung Mantra


With your knees wide apart, place your forehead on the ground and stretch your arms forward, placing your palms together in prayer position (Anjali Mudra). Be sure to be relaxed as you breath long and deeply for 3 minutes. Then chant the following for 2 minutes: ONG, ONG, ONG, ONG, SOHUNG, SOHUNG, SOHUNG, SOHUNG, SOHUNG

Life Nerve Stretch


Sitting on your mat with legs stretched out in front, reach for your toes. Inhale, exhale, and lower your head to your legs as you lengthen your spine, bending forward from the navel. Allow the head to be the last thing that comes down. Hold this posture for 1 minute and feel the balancing effect.

Back Platform/Life Nerve Stretch


Sit on the mat with feet stretched out in front of you. Keeping the heels on the ground and your palms on the ground behind you, raise up the upper portion of your body with the arms straight. Dropping the head back, do the Breath of Fire for 30 seconds (inhale and exhale rapidly through the nose). After the 30 seconds begin to walk the legs out wide and then again close. Do this for 30 seconds, inhale, exhale, and immediately move back into the Life Nerve Stretch for 1 minute. After the minute, lay in Savasana for 3 minutes to integrate.

Maha Mudra


Sitting on the left heel, stretch the right leg forward and grab the right big toe with the middle and index fingers with the thumb pressing on the toenail. Pulling back on the toe, grab the foot with the left hand. Tuck the chin into the chest, lengthening the spine, and eyes fixed onto the big toe and inhale deeply, exhale and hold the breath out for 8 seconds. Hold Mula Bandha (root lock) and Uddiyana Bandha (abdominal lock). Continue for 3 minutes. Rest in Savasana for 5 minutes after to integrate.

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Alternate Leg Holds/Stretch Pose


While on the back, stretch the arms overhead and onto the ground. Raise the left leg 90 degrees and begin the breath of fire for 1 minute (inhale and exhale rapidly through the nose). Then switch to the right leg for 1 minute. Then raise both legs for 1 minute. When completed, take 2 minutes to integrate in Savasana.

Shoulderstand (Salamba Sarvangasana)


Taking your time, roll back into shoulderstand. Spread the legs wide and begin breath of fire for 3 minutes (inhale and exhale rapidly through the nose). Rest in Savasana for 3 minutes when completed.

Alternate Head and Leg Lifts


Lying on your back, inhale and lift both legs 6 inches off the ground. Arms should be straight up from the shoulders with the palms facing each other. On the exhale, lower both legs down and bring the head up, pressing the chin to the chest. Continue for 3 minutes while practicing long deep breathing.

Rest in Savasana for 10 minutes to integrate the practice fully.

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