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I Am Goddess—Celebrating the Divine Feminine

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A Live Be Yoga Experience Conversation with Egemen Sanli and Madhu Anziani

Musicians Egemen Sanli and Madhu Anziani talk with LBY Ambassador Trisha Fey Elizarde about the origins and inspiration for their new music video and album I Am Goddess—along with a deeper conversation on the power of Goddess energy, the auspiciousness of a unified experience, and the healing vibration of music, dance, and chanting.

Ege is a composer of improvisational yoga music that borrows from his Turkish roots and traditional Eastern ragas—playing sitar alongside other ethnic instruments to bring out mystic and invigorating qualities in his soundscapes. He performs and lives in San Francisco, and is also a certified Yoga teacher. For more on Ege’s music and offerings and @egesan.

Madhu Anziani is a sound healer with an otherworldly voice that is both a portal and a vessel for transformation. He used sound and energy healing to recover mobility after his own paralysis—and has extensively studied healing techniques from various traditions including Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Wisdom Healing Qi Gong, Dagara Tradition, and Peruvian Shamanism. For more on Madhu’s music and offerings

The I am Goddess music video represents a global collaboration of people from California to Colorado, Turkey to Nepal who offered their personal expressions of ecstatic dance to bring the song to life—and creating a sense of community during a year of separation due to the pandemic. Join in watching this story of Goddess and allow the experience to flow through you with your own voice and body.

You can buy the I Am Goddess album on Bandcamp or listen on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

See also: I Am Goddess video with instructive intro from Ege and Madhu.

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