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4 Surprising Reasons to Meditate (Your Sex Life Will Thank You)

Happy National Meditation Month! If you haven't already made meditation a regular part of your yoga practice, here are four more reasons to try it.

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Happy National Meditation Month! If you haven’t already made meditation a regular part of your yoga practice, Meditation Studio presents four more reasons to try it, from improving your sex life to helping you score a raise at work (and yes, it can also help you focus, reduce stress and anxiety, ease pain, fall asleep, and more).

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4 Surprising Reasons to Meditate

1. It may enhance your sex life.

A recent study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy found that women who meditated scored higher than nonmeditators on measures of sexual function and desire. The following guided meditation from therapist Giselle Jones invites you to focus on your physical and emotional experience or that of your partner/spouse, explore the sacred space of body, breath, and mind, and enhance intimacy through touch.

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2. It can banish your cranky mood.

When your mood is gravitating toward the negative, it can feel impossible to pull yourself out of that vortex. Chrissy Carter’s Banish the Cranky guided meditation helps you remember that these stressors are usually momentary. Next time something or someone pushes your buttons, this meditation shows you how to sit with the feeling and then how to reset by visualizing the things that uplift you rather than bring you down.

3. It can help you accept failure (and move on).

Often, when things don’t work out the way we had planned, we label this as failure, and beat ourselves up about what we could have done differently. This negative thinking can leave us feeling bruised and battered. Meditation helps you avoid judging things as good or bad, and to look at “failure” as a chance to open up to new possibilities or paths in your life. 

4. It can help you negotiate for a job or salary.

To cultivate the right mindset before going into a negotiation, try a meditation to help you visualize the meeting—whether it’s a phone call, email, or in-person meeting—where you are asking for what you believe you deserve. Begin by standing in the shoes of the person you are speaking with to understand their motivating force and perspective—what are they looking to create by hiring you? Next, get very clear on exactly what you want, and be open to the possibility that there’s a win-win outcome that you can reach together! Taking the pressure out of the situation enhances your ability to come to the table as the most amazing, powerful version of you. 

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