6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day (and Make a Positive Impact)

Meditation can help you clearly see the small but mighty steps that are within your power to reduce your footprint and celebrate the Earth in a meaningful way.
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Looking for an inspired way to truly appreciate Mother Nature this Earth Day, as you set a new intention to make a positive impact on the planet? Reflect on all of the gifts of the Earth with the Meditation Studio Earth Day Collection of guided meditations. Just as it does in so many other aspects of life, meditation can help you clearly see the small but mighty steps that are within your power to reduce your footprint and celebrate the Earth in a meaningful way. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

1. Connect to the Earth

In "What the World Needs," Elisha Goldstein guides listeners to envision their breath as an instrument to give the Earth what nourishes it and expel what it does not. As we feel gratitude for all the planet gives us—the very air in our lungs, the food in our bellies, the beauty we see, and the ground beneath us—we can begin to appreciate that we are connected to it for every minute of our lives. "Commit to live in a way that expresses deep love for this planet and all life," Goldstein encourages us. Let that commitment and connection invigorate you as you take action.

2. Do a Little Less Harm at a Time

Set a small goal, such as not using plastic bags. With that out of the way, you might discover that you don't need disposable straws or food containers. Earth Day 2018 is focused on ending plastic pollution, and you can learn more about reducing your plastic consumption here. 

3. Salute the Sun

When the weather permits, take your meditation and yoga practice outdoors more often. Your leisure activities, too. As long as this doesn't mean driving anywhere, you'll be increasing your appreciation of the Earth while also reducing your energy consumption.

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4. Focus on the Breath ... and Plant Something for It

If you don't have your own garden in which to contribute to the world's oxygen supply, look around for a community garden or school that's planting this spring. And if dirt isn't your thing, carbon offset companies can help you do this on a larger scale to compensate for the damage you do any time you drive or hop on an airplane. In "Impact of Every Action," meditation teacher Chrissy Carter reminds us that every small deed has a ripple effect, just as one small tree can be part of a whole air-cleaning forest.

5. Create Peace Within and Without

Nature is as steady as a mountain and as ever-changing as the leaves. Take in this duality as you meditate, and let it teach you to accept change and cultivate inner peace. Tap into that peace as you face the outside world and meet values that might differ from yours, particularly when it comes to doing what's right for this planet and the people who live in it.

6. Bring a Friend

Celebrate the interconnectedness of all living things by sharing these tasks and thoughts with a friend or two. Bike, walk, or carpool to your next meal together, and get them on board with your plan, so your small steps will have double the impact.

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