Benefits of Meditation

Fire Up Your Day with Alicia Keys’ Morning Ritual

The Keys Soulcare founder sings the praises of morning meditation to start your day on the right note.

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When Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Alicia Keys dropped her beauty line, Keys Soulcare, the merchandise offerings included just what you’d expect: feel-good beauty products like creams, cleansers, mists, and masks. Her products lean into Ayurvedic ingredients and herbal extracts. For example, the brand’s Golden Cleanser contains turmeric, chamomile, and Manuka honey.

But when Keys says “Soulcare,” she means the whole soul.

“Beauty is more about frequency and vibrations and energy and how you feel,” she writes on the Soulcare website, where she shares ideas for rites and rituals that feed body, mind and spirit. 

Lighting candles and applying balms (“meditation for the skin”) are only part of the equation. The website offers self-help advice (“Seven Ways to Love Your Future Self, Right Now”) and amplifies the voices of now-era mover-shaker-healers—including YJ’s frequent contributor, Sahara Rose, and recent cover star Lalah Delia—who share their wisdom. 

Keys shares her own rituals as well. She’s big into Kundalini meditation and advocates for rising early to meditate with the sunrise “before the outside world (and inner thoughts) have a chance to creep in.” Here are some of her tips for a peaceful, grounding meditation practice: 

  • Set aside time first-thing in the morning. “The idea is to start in as “neutral” a state of mind as possible, so the earlier, the better.”
  • Give the practice your full attention. Set a timer and “set an intention to simply be with yourself for a few precious, focused minutes.”
  • Find meditative playlists that put you in “a more peaceful, optimistic state of mind.” 
  • Find self-encouraging mantras (she prints one on the container of each of her beauty products): “Visualize yourself moving through the day with purpose and clarity.” 

For more thoughts on starting the day with peace and grounding, here is Keys in her own words: