Meditation Has Proven Benefits: So Why Is It Hard to Commit?

Tasha Eichenseher, Yoga Journal's Brand Director, talks about exploring meditation and the struggle to commit.

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My meditation practice is relatively new—about two years old. And I am not the most disciplined practitioner, which is interesting, because I know how powerful the benefits can be. 

In fact, when I do practice, it almost instantly changes my attitude, interactions, thoughts, perceptions, and anxiety levels. I become a more open and compassionate person. So why is it so hard to commit? Am I afraid of what I’ll find in the dark recesses of my mind? Of losing the stories I’ve held onto so tightly as my identity? Bottom line: sitting still with your thoughts is hard. 

Enter this issue of Yoga Journal, dedicated to meditation and mindfulness. From Sally Kempton’s brilliant essay on working with your thoughts to Cyndi Lee’s calming (and unpredictable) slow flow sequence, everything about this issue asks you to pay more attention—to the way you think of yourself and relate to the rest of the world. 

We also explore the resurgence of psychedelics in yoga communities. And we offer up plenty of support in finding tools, approaches, and styles of meditation, so that you can either get started, work to overcome obstacles, or find inspiration to move deeper into your own contemplative practice. 

To be clear, we are not endorsing drug use, app use, or any one method. We simply want you to feel better too—to unlock the potential that exists when you are able to understand your own patterns, realize that you are not your reactions and emotions, and clearly comprehend how connected you are to your neighbor and the universe. The pure love that underlies and unites the contributions you are about to read is palpable, and it is giving me the courage and motivation I need to keep exploring my own $h*t.

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