Cushion Comfort

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Meditation can help calm your mind and uncover your true blissful nature. But if your knees ache or your lower back slumps while you sit, meditating can also connect you with your less joyful side. To find a comfortable position that still keeps your spine long and lifted, try one of these props.

  1. Light and portable, the Salubrion Seat by DharmaCrafts has a gently sloping seat to support your lumbar curve and a sticky mat pad so you won’t slip. $49.
  2. Support fair trade with World of Good’s beautiful silk and rayon brocade zafu, made in Kathmandu. $65.
  3. The soft yet supportive Zaisu by Matsu molds to your spine’s natural curves. Available in several patterns. $75 small, $120 large.
  4. Natural High Lifestyle’s Crescent Pillow is made from a hemp and cotton blend and filled with dried buckwheat. Available in monk (shown) and several other colors. $68.
  5. For those who kneel while meditating, the Omni Bench by DharmaCrafts comes in two sizes, both $129. The curved legs allow the bench to move and adjust to your body. Fold up the legs and slip it into its pillowcase for travel. Bench bag and cushion, $24.95.