Elena Brower’s 4-Step Practice to Define Your Dream

Elena Brower offers this 4-step practice to bring your dream into focus.

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If your dream still feels fuzzy, Elena Brower offers this practice for bringing it into focus, inspired by her training in the Handel Method, a personal development technique.

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Step 1: Just start.

Close your eyes and ask yourself, What would I do if money were not an object? Sit with this question, eyes closed, for a few moments, breathing deeply. Then write down the first few ideas that come to mind.

Step 2: Write your story.

Note which idea appeals most, then write it out in detail. Use present tense, affirmative statements: Instead of “I don’t want to deal with paperwork,” say, “I work with people; I am sharing my gifts.” This is your life story, so write with feeling and rich description. Make it sing.

Step 3: Feel it in your body.

Read what you wrote, pausing occasionally to notice sensations in your body, how you’re breathing, and any emotions that arise. If the story is true to your deepest desire, you may feel a physical elation similar to what you experience in a well-aligned pose.

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Step 4: Refine and reflect.

If your writing didn’t resonate, come back to it over time and repeat steps 1–3 until it feels right. Remember, we all live by the rules we write for ourselves, and we have the power to change them. When you have crafted a vision that touches you, post it where you’ll see it each day as inspiration for what’s to come.

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