Gabrielle Bernstein's Meditation to Bust Through Blocks

Feeling small and limited? Gabrielle's three-minute meditation will help you blast through limitations and magnify your energetic vibrations.

Below, New York Times bestselling author, Spirit Junkie, and Yoga Journal LIVE! New York's 2016 keynote speaker Gabrielle Bernstein offers an expansive Kundalini meditation to blast through limitations.

Ever try summoning confidence before a big presentation, first date or serious conversation, and while logically you know I got this, you just can't seem to feel it? Allow Gabrielle Bernstein to introduce you to the Ego Eradicator. This three-minute meditation is rooted in Kundalini master Yogi Bhajan's second sutra of the Aquarian Age:

"There is a way through every block."

"This meditation busts through those blocks and charges the electromagnetic field around us," says Bernstein. "I've used this meditation before I go into a meeting, get on a phone call, and film videos, and it immediately centers me into my power and magnetizes my genuine energy within."

Even if you don't have a big event on your calendar, Bernstein suggests you start your morning with this better-than-coffee kriya to bring the best of yourself into your day. Ready? Grab a spot on the floor and get started.

3-Minute Ego Eradicator Kundalini Meditation