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Guided Meditation

Gabrielle Bernstein’s Meditation to Bust Through Blocks

Feeling small and limited? Gabrielle's three-minute meditation will help you blast through limitations and magnify your energetic vibrations.

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Below, New York Times bestselling author, Spirit Junkie, and Yoga Journal LIVE! New York‘s 2016 keynote speaker Gabrielle Bernstein offers an expansive Kundalini meditation to blast through limitations.

Ever try summoning confidence before a big presentation, first date or serious conversation, and while logically you know I got this, you just can’t seem to feel it? Allow Gabrielle Bernstein to introduce you to the Ego Eradicator. This three-minute meditation is rooted in Kundalini master Yogi Bhajan’s second sutra of the Aquarian Age:

“There is a way through every block.”

“This meditation busts through those blocks and charges the electromagnetic field around us,” says Bernstein. “I’ve used this meditation before I go into a meeting, get on a phone call, and film videos, and it immediately centers me into my power and magnetizes my genuine energy within.”

Even if you don’t have a big event on your calendar, Bernstein suggests you start your morning with this better-than-coffee kriya to bring the best of yourself into your day. Ready? Grab a spot on the floor and get started.

3-Minute Ego Eradicator Kundalini Meditation

1. Get in position.

Take the tips of your fingers and curl them on the tops of the pads of your hands. Extend your thumbs face-out, making an arc.

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2. Start the kriya.

Ego ERadicator, kundalini meditation

Extend your arms overhead at a 60-degree angle, plugging your fingers and thumbs into the sky. Shut your eyes and roll them up to focus on your third eye, the spot between you eyebrows. Begin Breath of Fire (the really important part here, Bernstein says). As you inhale, expand your belly. To exhale, pull in and contract your abs at a quick clip, letting small puffs of air escape through your nostrils each time.

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3. Seal in the meditation.

Keep going for 3 minutes. Afterward reach your hands straight up to the sky, take a deep inhalation, and hold it for as long as you comfortably can.

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4. Bonus time

You’re in the space where you’re centered and you can feel your energy vibrating. This is when you can access creative ideas, feel inspired and feel magnetized. I encourage you to tap into this ‘ing!’ zone,” Bernstein says. “When you practice a meditation like this, you start to resonate with Yogi Bhajan’s sutra and experience that type of flow in your real life.

When you’ve finished holding your breath, draw your thumbs together, and release your arms on the exhale. Then sit for another minute (or 3 or 10), whatever you feel guided to do, and relish in the limitless feeling of potential.

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