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4 Ways You Can Meditate Any Time

You always have time for meditation. Here's how.
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If you don't believe you have time to meditate, you don't. It's really a matter of choice and commitment, not time. If you so choose, you can rest your mind in stillness even on the busiest days. Indeed, every day we find ourselves with free minutes—waiting. We wait in lines, in traffic, or at a doctor's office. But often we fill this time texting, Googling, or tweeting. Instead, with nothing but just a bit of intention, you can transform these moments into stillness, equipoise, and relaxation, and experience the qualities of a meditator's mind.

Stillness: Stand more firmly on your feet or sit and settle into your buttocks and hips. Breathe deeply.

Relaxation: Soften your facial muscles: forehead, eyes, mouth, lips, and tongue. Breathe freely.

Equipoise: Free your hands and rest them by your sides or place them gently on your lap. Breathe evenly.

Informal meditation: Notice how it feels to be present with yourself, slowing down and observing. You are engaging with the first steps of meditation, which you can enjoy anywhere, anytime.