Goddess Yoga Project: 3-Step Meditation To Inspire Intuition

Your intuition is your innermost GPS and one of your greatest allies in life. Sianna Sherman teaches you how to cultivate it.

Your intuition is your innermost GPS and one of your greatest allies in life. Sianna Sherman teaches you how to cultivate it.

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Intuition. You have it, whether you choose to follow it or ignore it, cultivate it or repress it. It is your innermost GPS and one of your greatest allies when it comes to making choices in your life.

Think of a time when you were at a crossroads. Your rational mind could measure choices and be very practical in assessing the situation, but maybe there was another underlying feeling that you couldn’t ignore. This feeling is beyond the logical mind and often difficult to explain. It is a knowing beyond reasoning or proof. In my own life, I experience this as an inner nudge or tug on my soul – something calling me forth in a new way and it requires tremendous courage to follow it.

I had a tough choice to make 25 years ago: follow my logical mind to medical school or follow my intuition to India. My rational mind was pushing me to do the seemingly “right thing,” and yet my instinctual voice was begging me to leave this path and dive into yoga. I remember one of my most trusted teachers saying to me: “We think the shortest path is from A to B, but the truth is that the shortest path is when you follow your heart.”

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Meet Saraswati, the Goddess of Intuition

In the yoga tradition, the Goddess Saraswati embodies the essence of intuition, creativity, and wisdom. Her name means “the flowing one.” She is the flash of insight, the instinctual knowing, and the knowledge that’s deeper than words. She is the connection with the cycles of the moon and the feminine rhythm that reveals wisdom from within. Saraswati is the free-flowing creative energy that lives within everyone.

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How To Use Saraswati’s Teachings

Saraswati teaches you to listen within and trust your intuition. Everyone has strong feelings, and it’s a challenge to trust your innermost knowing when it doesn’t make sense to your logical mind. Saraswati teaches you how to distinguish between the inner voice of Self and the unconscious fears and trickeries of a delusional mind. The powerhouse combination is intuition with discernment and we can cultivate this consciously with the practices of yoga.

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3-Step Meditation To Inspire Your Intuition

Use this practice to call on Saraswati whenever you need to remember your highest truth from within, when you are standing at a crossroads in life, and when your rational mind is dominating your decision-making. Ask for a balance of receptivity and courage to follow your highest path. Trust your intuition and follow the inner YES of your life.