Yoga for Athletes

A Guided Meditation To Do Before Exercise

Practice tuning in to your breath and body before a workout to focus and commit to nurturing and strengthening your body.

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Tune in to your breath and body before a workout to increase focus and reinforce your commitment to nurture and strengthen your body.

Meditation provides many important benefits, including stress reduction and improvements in work, life, and overall health. Also among the practice’s many upsides is its effect on athletic performance. The practice of focusing mindful attention can help athletes cultivate discipline in training and clarity of mind in high-pressure moments. Legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson was an early proponent of this type of mental training with the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, and the New York Knicks. Other notable athletes such as Tiger Woods, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Stanford Football team also use yoga, breathing techniques, and mindfulness in their training.

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You can use meditation to improve your workout, too. Even if you’re not heading out on the field to compete, the practice of tuning in to the breath and body before physical exertion can help increase focus and reinforce your commitment to nurturing and strengthening your body. This can be incredibly motivating and help you make the most of your exercise session. To get started, take a few minutes to follow along with the short video below before your next workout.

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Guided Pre-Workout Meditation Video

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