These Mantra Meditations Will Give You the Reset You Need

Why not try out a sound-based practice?

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You may have heard this common phrase in a yoga class, “think of your mantra.” But—how exactly do you find your mantra? These mantra-focused meditations will help you explore a sound-based practice. Whether you’re looking for a mantra meditation that connects you to your self-resiliency or one that rids you of your ego, you’ll find a mantra meditation that is perfect for you—and your practice.

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A Mantra Meditation for Transformational Change

A woman sits and practices a mantra meditation on a rock overlooking the ocean
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This mantra, led by yoga teacher Sianna Sherman, will bring you to a free and transformational place, as you invoke the power of the goddess Durga. By calling upon the goddess, you will be able to channel her energy in channeling your courage and power. This mantra will inspire you to take action—and dig deeper into yourself. Practice now.

This Meditation Will Help You Get Rid of Your Ego

A woman sits meditating on the floor
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Bring yourself away from arrogant thoughts with this mantra meditation. In this sound-based meditation, yoga teacher Sianna Sherman guides you through a mantra channeling the goddess Kali. This mantra calls upon Kali’s ability to cut through pride and ignorance—giving you the opportunity to start fresh and anew. Practice now.

Open Your Heart–and Your Mind—With This Meditation

Woman sits and meditates with her eyes closed
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Are your interpersonal relationships feeling off? Try practicing this mantra meditation with yoga teacher Sianna Sherman to bring harmony and happiness back into your life. By channeling the goddess Lakshmi, who represents abundance and joy, you’ll be able to fill your heart up with a new sense of peace and lightness. Practice now.

A Meditation to Boost Your Creativity

Man stands with his eyes closed and arms outstretched
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If you’re in need of a creative boost, try this mantra meditation with yoga teacher Sianna Sherman. By connecting with Saraswati, the goddess of creativity, you’ll feel inspired and clear-headed. Feeling a bit lost in your life right now? This is a great meditation to practice if you’re craving guidance. Practice now.

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