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This App Can Help You Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Looking to establish a regular meditation practice this year? Meditation Studio, a meditation app recently lauded by Apple as one of the top 10 apps, can help.

“Using an app to meditate is a really great way to get started,” says Meditation Studio’s co-founder, Patricia Karpas, an entertainment industry veteran who has meditated for 20 years and who also hosts the app’s companion podcast Untangle. “If you’ve never meditated before, download Meditation Studio and start with our Meditation Essentials course. It’s really simple and super accessible.”

If you’ve meditated a little bit or have a practice and feel burnt out, Meditation Studio can provide a fresh infusion of inspiration, Karpas says—and it can even help you keep your new year’s resolutions. The app offers unlimited access to more than 200 original, guided meditations by 27 leading teachers and curates them into inspiring collections like “Be healthy” (meditations for stress, sleep, anxiety, pain), “Be awesome” (meditations for happiness, performance, confidence), and “Be kind” (meditations for compassion, relationships). It also features meditations for special groups like moms, kids, veterans, and first responders, as well as in-depth courses on topics like meditation essentials, uncovering happiness, and changing habits.

So what makes this app different than the other meditation apps out there?

“The main reason ours is different is we’ve curated all of our collections based on a real understanding of our modern lives today,” Karpas says. “We really try to understand our consumers and what their daily lives are like and curate our meditations based on that. We have specific meditations on topics like digital detox, first dates, and public speaking. Also, many other apps have only one or two teachers or are scripted with different voices. Each of our teachers comes to the app with their own passion—you feel that when you listen.”

Below, Karpas offers 4 ways that meditation (and the Meditation Studio app) can help you keep your new year’s resolutions.

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 4 Ways Meditation Can Help You Keep New Year’s Resolutions

1. It can help you be more mindful.

Meditation in general helps you to be more mindful of your actions,” Karpas says. “When you’re trying to change a habit, first you become mindful of the habit you want to change, then you create an intention around changing that habit. Meditation helps you be more aware and pause before you react, so you can more thoughtfully respond.”

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2. It can help you with your specific goals.

“If your resolution is to work on your personal relationships, we have meditations to help you communicate openly and honestly, stay calm in conflict, and forgive and let go,” Karpas says. “If you’d like to be happier and more positive, we have meditations for cultivating positive energy and overcoming negative thoughts. In the future, we plan to include mindful eating meditations (if you’d like to lose weight or make healthier diet choices), but for now, you can take our changing habits course.”

3. It can help you be grateful for the progress you’ve made.

“Meditation can help you remind yourself of how far you’ve already come,” Karpas says. “Our gratitude meditations can help you be grateful for the progress you’ve already made in achieving your goal. Reminding yourself of what you’ve already accomplished is very motivating.”

4. It can help you build a regular practice.

The most important thing with meditation is that you practice regularly—even five minutes per day,” Karpas says. “You can schedule your meditation sessions through our in-app calendar. You can also use the app’s scheduler to track your meditation progress.”

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Try These Guided Audio Meditations

Have you resolved to be less stressed and more relaxed in the new year? Try this free Meditation Studio practice featuring Ashley Turner:

You can also commit to calm with this Breath Practice from Elisha Goldstein:

Meditation Studio is available on iTunes and Google Play for $3.99 for unlimited meditations. Learn more here.