Guided Meditation

10-Minute Meditation On the Sounds of Daily Life

Gain insight into the way you can use your reactions to sound to understand yourself better and settle deeply into the present moment.

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Many of us—especially yogis—are hyperaware of the way in which certain situations, people, even food affect us. Let’s consider sounds.

We stay away from conflict if we can, we invite positive friends into our homes, and we try our best to nourish ourselves. But the subtle moments of our days can often affect us just as much as the seemingly more important ones. Perhaps one of the most forgotten senses in daily life is sound: How do we respond to varying timbres, melodies, or dissonant sirens? What happens to our mind and to our thoughts when sound enters into our awareness?

In this meditation from Lodro Rinzler, we gain insight into the way we can actually use our reactions to sound—annoyance, joy, frustration, or fear—to understand ourselves better, and settle deeply into the present moment. Using sound as the object of our meditation, we can calm the incessant chatter of the mind, and instead study ourselves in how we react to external forces. I’ve always loved music—my daughter is an amazing musician—and I have a large family, so I’m often surrounded by noise, but through meditation I’ve come to feel sound as yet another beautiful tapestry of my reality, that when I understand it and my reactions to it, I can find new levels of consciousness.

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Guided Meditation Video on the Sounds of Daily Life

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