Guided Meditation

Relationship Feeling Rocky? These 3 Meditations Can Help.

The seeds of all healthy relationships start in our minds. These meditations can help you cultivate better bonds.

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Struggling in your interpersonal relationships? Instead of holding onto negative feelings that can burden you, these meditations will help you let go of them and move into a place of peace. Your mind—and your body—will thank you for it.  Outside+ members get access to the full library of all of Yoga Journal‘s guided meditations—including the ones below—to help you find calm amid the chaos.  Members also get access to our complete archive, from inspirational stories to sequences by best-in-class teachers. Not a member? There’s never been a better time to sign up.

This Loving Kindness Meditation Is The Antidote to Feeling Impatient

Older woman sitting on bed while meditating
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Used to cultivate a soft heart, compassion and acceptance, this 13-minute metta (loving-kindness) meditation combines mental imagery with phrases and affirmations to strengthen your ability to connect to others around you. Practice now.

Feeling Angry or Resentful? Foster Forgiveness With This 7-Minute Meditation

Young woman sits and meditates
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Experts say that one of the biggest inhibitors for happiness is a lack of forgiveness: If you’re struggling to forgive yourself or those around you, it can create stress and guilt that eats aways at your well-being. This meditation can help you forgive. Practice now.

Finally Release Emotional Baggage With This Meditation

Man meditates in his living room
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This meditation from yoga teacher Karena Virginia can help you release difficult emotions from past experiences in a healthy way—enabling you to both heal and give yourself some much-need relief. Practice now.

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