Guided Meditation for Dealing With Conflict

For a more compassionate approach to conflict, this meditation works through the essential questions toward empathy.

For a more compassionate approach to conflict, this meditation works through the essential questions toward empathy and understanding.

In this life, so much is unknown. There are very few things we can rely on, and for those things—the sun rising and setting, daily yoga practice, family—I try my best to be aware and grateful. On the flip side, there is much inevitability in our experience as humans that includes negative emotions, like stress and pain. When I experience these emotions I try to call upon my meditation practice, to have compassion for myself and others and to ease my mind away from anger or negativity.

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One of the most common difficulties is conflict—with friends and coworkers, with children or parents, with a spouse, with people who hold opinions different from my own. In the following meditation on conflict, Lodro Rinzler, meditation teacher and author, helps us acknowledge the commonality we have even (and especially) with those whom we oppose. When we have empathy and understanding, we can start to take on a more compassionate approach to conflict and get less involved with the emotions that surround it, working through the essential questions instead. Take a moment to sit with your feelings and witness the freedom and relief this meditation can bring.

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Guided Meditation Video: Dealing With Conflict

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