5 to 15 Minute Meditation

5-Minute Guided Meditation to Cultivate Patience

Patience can be hard to come by when faced with problems or obstacles. Use this guided meditation to overcome frustration.

We live in a world of convenience. With things like instant downloads and same-day delivery at our fingertips, we are used to things happening quickly and easily. As a result, patience is not always readily available to us when faced with problems or obstacles. The following meditation by Sonima expert Lodro Rinzler is designed to help you in moments of frustration. By repeating the mantra “patience,” you can return to the moment and become aware of what is, instead of focusing on what you might want to happen. This method can also help cultivate other feelings, such as kindness or gentleness. When your thoughts drift off, come back to the recitation. When you’re done with the practice, rest your mind and sit with the feeling that you’ve cultivated.

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