A Meditation on Giving and Nurturing

In this guided meditation, Mallika Chopra encourages mothers who struggle with accepting support to open up to receiving.
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In this guided meditation, Mallika Chopra encourages mothers who struggle with accepting support to open themselves up to receiving.

Anyone who’s experienced any type of struggle knows the power of a helping hand. To be nurtured and taken care of is a blessing, particularly when it feels like we have nothing left in our own faculties for self-support. By that same token, learning to extend care to others is what we’re all working toward. When we can give of ourselves—emotionally, materially, energetically—we’re acting out what the yoga practice is all about. Ultimately, we practice to uplift ourselves and our communities.

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In this beautiful guided meditation, Mallika Chopra, author ofLiving with Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace, and Joy, encourages mothers--specifically, those of us who have struggled to take the time for self-care--to be gentler with ourselves. We get so caught up in the business of life, that we often forget to set and reset intentions for ourselves. Taking the time for ourselves, she says, ultimately helps us be better equipped to serve the needs of those around us. In less than 10 minutes, the following meditation will help you reflect on this idea and support your efforts to care for yourself and others.

A Guided Meditation on Giving and Nurturing

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