5 to 15 Minute Meditation

Guided Meditation for Heartbreak, Pain, and Grief

This video guides you through a practice of acknowledging your feelings without getting caught up in the stories around them.

Meditation for Pain and Heartbreak

One of the most popular stories on Sonima.com is an ode to the beauty of being broken. It’s worth noting that among all the tools and advice for living a healthy, balanced life available on the site, one of the pieces that resonates most is a meditation on how perfectly imperfect we all are. The greatest lesson of the story is that when life does not take the path you expect, it’s okay to embrace the sense of brokenness and discomfort that follows. That may even be the secret to living most fully.

But what does it mean to be present with one’s pain? The following meditation on heartbreak provides a beautiful example. Follow along as Lodro Rinzler, meditation teacher and author, helps you acknowledge your feelings without getting caught up in the stories around them. Instead, simply take a moment to sit with your feelings and witness the freedom this experience brings.

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