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The Meditation You Need to Try Before You Have Sex Tonight

You know that boost meditation can give your day? Think what it could do for your night... Use this guided practice from our partner Meditation Studio to enhance your sensory awareness before heading to bed.
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Meditation is often a solo practice with the goal of helping you feel more centered in your own life. But it can also enhance your sex life, says Ziva Meditation founder Emily Fletcher, who created the Sensory Awareness for Sex meditation below for Meditation Studio. In this excerpt from Meditation Studio's Untangle podcast, Fletcher explains three ways that meditation can give you a boost in the bedroom, from giving you more energy to helping you connect.

3 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Sex Life

1. Meditation gives you an energy boost.

Certain types of meditation can give you a second wind after a hard day’s work, so you'll be in the mood for sex. Many married and cohabitating American couples claim they’re so sleep deprived that they’re often too tired to have sex, Fletcher points out.

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2. Meditation relieves stress.

Meditation is a powerful stress-relieving tool, and the less stressed you are, the more capable you are of being fully present with your partner. When you’re stressed, your body may be preparing for a tiger attack (aka fight or flight), and that can be a real buzzkill in bed.

3. Meditation increases empathy.

A meditation practice helps us to be more in touch with what's happening "in the moment" and to generally be more aware of others’ feelings. This increased capacity for empathy and compassion helps you to connect more fully with your partner, and that’s a good thing when it comes to sex. 

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A Pre-Sex Visualization Exercise to  Awaken Your Senses

Try this meditation before you hop into bed if you want to be more present for your partner (and yourself).

Step 1: Take deep breaths and become aware of each one of your senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. This sensory awareness will help train you to be more engaged with the present moment anytime.

Step 2: Let go of all past experiences. This also helps to nudge you into the present moment. As the past melts away, you experience the feeling of being more aware of this moment with your partner.

Step 3: Take a deep inhale and imagine a current of energy going through your body. Fletcher uses this visualization to electrically charge your body, so you have more to give.

Step 4: Imagine the best partner, music, setting. Create the experience that you want to enjoy. With this, you can manifest your greatest possible "no limits" joy.

Step 5: Give yourself full permission to play. This means not worrying about how things look and inspires generosity for yourself and your partner. It also makes everything more fun! Try the full-length guided meditation below.

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Try the Full Guided 15-Minute Meditation

Don’t forget to check out Meditation Studio for more guided meditations.