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A Morning Meditation to Start Your Day Mindfully

This 10-minute video from Sonima will help you become aware of the sensations of waking and mindfully set an intention for the day.

What is love, Sunrise Morning Mindfulness Meditation

It’s a common notion that the way you approach your morning can set the tone for the day ahead. My favorite way to start the day is with yoga and meditation. Meditation, like exercise, is beneficial no matter when you do it, but many master teachers say morning practice is particularly fruitful. After a night of rest your mind is clear, and research shows that willpower is greatest in the hours after waking. I find that this fresh reserve of self-control is helpful for maintaining focus and for staying consistent with my practice.

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Formal seated meditation can be daunting for beginners, but experts agree that even taking a few moments to breathe and focus your thoughts can be useful. This guided meditation by Lodro Rinzler, a teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage and author of Walk Like a Buddha, offers a simple exercise to help you prepare mentally for the day ahead. Rather than starting your day with urgency and jumping right to e-mails, exercise, or parental obligations, this 10-minute video will help you become aware of the sensations of waking and mindfully set an intention for the day.

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