A Post-Workout Meditation All Athletes Must Try

The breath is just as essential for athletes as it is for yogis. Spend a few minutes with your breath to rebalance after exercise.

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The breath is just as essential for athletes as it is for yogis. Use this practice to spend a few minutes with your breath and rebalance after a workout.

Every morning when I prepare for my Ashtanga yoga practice, I unroll my mat and I take my hands together in front of my heart. Before I begin I set an intention, and for the next two hours I am focused as I float between some postures and as I struggle through some others. Before the final resting pose, I sit in meditation to feel the effects of the practice on my body. For 25 deep inhales and exhales I allow all my efforts and sweat to settle, and for a brief moment I rest in the beautiful stillness of meditation.

For those who prefer cycling, running, and boxing to yoga, the breath is still essential for endurance and calm. In many ways, our workouts become a sort of meditation as we bring our breath and the fullness of our ability into a pushup, a sprint, or a stretch. In this short practice with Jamie Zimmerman, M.D., you’ll have a chance to spend a few minutes simply breathing after your workout. As you cool down, notice the brilliance of your breath, which carries you through deep physical work, and also nurtures you back to equilibrium.

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Guided Post-Workout Meditation Video

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