Guided Meditation

Speak Your Mind: Try Big Mind Meditation

Explore without limits the Big Mind within you.

Meditation Techniques.

Find a quiet place away from distractions and interruptions. Spend a few minutes breathing slowly and deeply, settling into a calm and spacious awareness. Sit in an upright posture and ask to speak to Big Mind. Then identify yourself as Big Mind by saying, “I am Big Mind.” Pause for a moment. What does it feel like to be Big Mind?

As Big Mind, look within and see if you can find just how big you are. See if you can find any boundaries, any limits, any borders to this Big Mind that you are. If you find anything that is beyond or outside of this Big Mind, ask yourself, “What is beyond Big Mind?” and then ask to speak to that. It might be God, it might be the universe, or it might be the whole cosmos.

Then say, “May I speak to the universe; to the cosmos; to that which has no boundaries, no borders, and no limits?” Look within and see that, as Big Mind, you are completely free and liberated. There is nothing extra, nor is there anything lacking as this vast empty Mind.

Ask yourself, as Big Mind, “Is there anything I have to fear?” Look within and see that this Mind knows no fear or suffering. It cannot be hurt or destroyed. It has never been apart from you, and it cannot be lost. Ask to speak to Big Mind once again, and it will be here. It is always here.

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