Best Ab Mats for a Better Workout

Anyone who’s ever used an ab mat knows the benefits it can bring to your workout. No more lying on the hard, bare floor, struggling to do your crunches or core workouts. No more bruised tailbones from simply using a too-thin yoga or pilates map. But while most ab mats offer a range of benefits, not every ab mat is the same. Take a look at these few ab mats to see what variety might be best for your fitness goals and routine.

Best for Fitness Enthusiasts 

AbMat Silver


Nothing Beats the Classic. The AbMat Silver, as the original abdominal trainer, works out your entire abdominal muscle group safely, comfortably and efficiently.

What We Liked: 

If your goal is to develop strong abs, then you’ve likely already been looking into some workout gear to accommodate that goal. The AbMat Silver allows for a full range of motion and workouts as you attempt to strength your core, back and obliques, but is contoured to give your lower back the support it needs while doing these types of exercises. The AbMat Silver is more versatile than an ab wheel or fitness ball, as well as more sturdy, so injury is never a worry. Get it here.

 Best for Beginners

Athlos Fitness Ab Mat


Protection When You Need it Most. The Athlos Fitness Ab Mat provides beginners with the support and comfort they need to perfect their form when doing core exercises, as well as much-needed protection for the tailbone.

What We Liked: 

The high-quality Athlos Fitness ab mat provides stability and constant tension so you can do a full range of workouts even as a beginner. The shape and extended tailbone protector help you to perfect your form — something crucial for beginners if you want to avoid injuries to your back. You’ll also never have to worry about a tailbone injury or skin burn, even after your hardest workouts, thanks to the tailbone protector. Get one here.

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