Best Ab Rollers

Ab rollers are a great option to those of us who don’t have the time or money for the gym and still want to get an ab workout in. They will strengthen not only your abs, but also your shoulders, arms, and back. The thinner the roller is, the more intense the workout will likely be. New users may find a wider roller and a knee pad helpful. If you’re thinking about trying out an ab roller or upgrading the one you have now, check out our guide to the best picks on the market right now.
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Best Ultra Wide Roller

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller


This ab roller features an extra-wide shape that allows you to roll left, right, and forward to engage different muscles. Because of its wide shape, your workout will feel more stable. But don’t worry; the interior carbon steel spring will add resistance and up the difficulty of your workout. The ergonomic handles even have built-in resistance and can be removed for storage and transport. Included with this roller are foam knee pads, a 21-day workout plan, and a one year warranty. Get it today.

Best Starter Wheel

Fitnessery Ab Roller Wheel


This ab wheel from Fitnessery is a great starter wheel, coming with a knee pad, a workout book, and non-slip rubber wheels. The wheel is sturdy and not too thin or wide to give an average workout experience and the stainless steel handles are sturdy with comfortable grips on the outside. It even comes with a 24-month money back guarantee, just in case you decide ab rollers aren’t for you. It's here for you.

Budget Buy

N1Fit Ab Roller Wheel


N1Fit’s ab roller is wider than other rollers for a less wobbly and easier workout. This pick may be the cheapest on our list, but it will hold up as well as the others. It features stainless steel handles and a thick, non-slip rubber wheel. It even comes with a 2 year warranty in case it doesn’t live up to expectations. Get it here.

Best Two-Wheel Roller

Valeo Ab Roller Wheel


This roller has two non-skid wheels, making it much wider than most ab rollers. This ensures that you will experience little wobbling and slipping, feeling more secure during your workout. It is lightweight and will easily move with little resistance. It even includes a fitness guide to get you started. Get it today.

Best Customizable Roller

Epitomie Fitness Ab Roller Wheel


Epitomie’s two-wheel roller allows you to adjust how wide the wheels are placed. Choose an ultra-wide stance for extra stability or a narrow stance for toning your abs. It has wide and easy-to-grip handles. The silicone tread of the wheel will hold up well through the years, but if another part wears poorly, you can fall back on the 100 percent lifetime guarantee. It's available here.

Great for Beginners and Pros

Odoland 3-in-1 Ab Wheel Roller Kit


No matter whether you have used an ab roller before, this kit from Odoland is a great pick. It comes with a three-wheel roller, a resistance band, a knee pad, and a storage bag to put it all in.

Beginners can use the roller with all three wheels and remove wheels as they advance, while pros can use a single wheels with the resistance band for a more intense workout. The roller features thick foam handles to cover sturdy stainless steel. It's available here.

For More Intense Workouts

Elite Sportz Equipment Ab Wheel Roller


This ab wheel roller is thinner and shorter than most, making for more intense workouts. Lightweight and compact, it has soft foam handles and will challenge you to push yourself. It even has video instructions online to lead you through different workouts if you are just starting out. Buy it today.