Best Acupuncture Rollers

Those who have been in the health and fitness world for long enough inevitably come across the ancient art of acupuncture, which uses thin needles and pressure therapy to relieve tension and improve circulation in connective muscle tissue after a workout or whenever you need a little extra calm. If a visit to an acupuncturist isn’t in your schedule or budget, try one of these—the very best acupuncture roller tools designed to alleviate stress from your head to your toes.

Most Effective Results

Lyapko Universal Roller 3.5 AG 496 Needles


Prickly Massage Roller

This dynamic tool has a sturdy tapered wooden handle for a comfortable grip. 

What We Liked

Nobody wants to purchase an acupuncture tool that barely makes an impact on the way they feel. With multiple rows of dulled metal pressure spikes, even a gentle use with this roller can provide a positive impact to your skin and muscles. Plus, the size makes it perfect for use on both smaller areas of the body such as the calves and forearms as well as across large surfaces like the back and quads and hamstrings. Buy now.

Best for Face

Ziranling Jade Roller for Face, Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool Set


Compact Face Roller

The benefits of acupuncture don’t have to be limited to your body. 

What We Liked

The acupuncture roller head of this jade tool is lined with mid-sized, dull teeth. With gentle and careful use, this roller stimulates blood circulation and massages the muscles of the face without damaging the skin. Made with 100% real jade, this double-ended face roller comes with a spiked head on one end for massaging and increasing circulation, and a smooth roller on the other end to sooth and tone the skin. Additionally, the tool comes with a matching jade gua sha scraping tool— gua sha being an ancient Chinese healing technique thought to improve circulation further and address issues like chronic pain. Buy now.

Best for Hands and Feet

ACS/ACM Sujok Acupressure Probe Metal Hand Energy Roller Massager & Jimmy with Two Attachments Set


Acupressure for Hands

This Sujok Acupressure tool is made of metal and designed for use on hands and feet, a homeopathic treatment thought to relieve tension or stress of both the body and the mind.

What We Liked

If you have pain or would like to relieve tension in your hands or feet specifically, this tool’s small roller allows for just that – specific application on small surface areas. However the multipurpose tool can also be used on the head, neck, and shoulders. The roller’s small, dull, non-spiky teeth mean it is ideal for use on the most touch- and pain-sensitive areas of the body, such as the palms of your hand, the soles of your feet and the nape of your neck. Buy now.

Most Giftable

UMAZIN Metal Facial Jade Roller Set


Chic Pink Jade

This stylish set comes in a rectangular box for easy and elegant storage, making it perfect as a gift.

What We Liked

The best thing about this tool is how many components you get for the price of one: not only does it come with three different attachments for three acupuncture purposes – from improving blood circulation to lymphatic drainage to taking care of smaller, more delicate areas like around the eyes and lips – but the tail end of the tool also has a small, round, pointed attachment to precisely massage acupuncture points. Buy now.

Most Inclusive Kit

Acupressure Health (7in1) Kit Wooden Reflexology Foot Massager, Body Roller, Plastic Karela, Finger Massager, Wooden Jimmy Stick, Bracelet, Sujok Rings


7-Component Kit

This is a perfect collection for someone already well-versed in acupuncture and acupressure.

What We Liked

This large kit comes with 7 types of tools used for acupressure: a wooden foot massager, a body roller, a compact karela roller, a plastic finger massager, a jimmy stick made of wood, one large acupressure bracelet, and a set of five sujok rings. The 11-piece kit is bound to have a tool fit for any of your acupressure needs. Buy now.