Best Ankle Braces

Ankle injuries are far too common in the world of athletics–who hasn't rolled their ankle on a hike or while shooting some hoops in the backyard? Wearing an ankle brace can help you heal faster. Ankle braces provide stabilization and support and can also be used in injury prevention. In this round-up we picked our favorite ankle braces to choose from for optimum ankle support.

Best Ankle Compression Sleeves 

PowerLix Ankle Brace


Pair of Ankle Compression Sleeves

A pair of ankle compression sleeves to support and brace the ankle during movement.

What we Liked

These ankle sleeves are made from a high quality, breathable material and can be worn during exercise or after a long day on your feet. These sleeves do a great job of dispersing pressure across the ankle joint to alleviate stress. This allows for relief for most ankle ailments such as swelling, plantar fasciitis, muscle fatigue, and much more. Get it here. 

Best Support For Athletics

Mcdavid Ankle Brace


Supportive Ankle Brace

A supportive ankle brace designed to simulate athletic tape with a figure-6 strapping pattern for injury recovery and prevention.

What we Liked

The perfect ankle brace for support of a low or high ankle sprain. The strapping pattern spreads pressure away from sensitive areas after an ankle injury. Fits right or left ankle. Buy it now. 

Best Range of Motion.

Bodyprox Ankle Brace


Wide Range of Motion Ankle Brace

Great range of motion ankle brace wrap designed for chronic or acute ankle injuries. Relieves pain and provides comfort and support so you can heal faster.

What we Liked

The open-heel design of this ankle brace with allows for great range of motion while also providing firm support to the ankle. The material is a soft neoprene that’s both comfortable and breathable. Buy it here. 

Most Adjustable

ComfiLife Ankle Brace


Ankle Support Wrap

An ankle sleeve wrap that provides adjustable compression for reducing swelling and pain from ankle injuries.

What we Liked

This ankle brace stabilizes the ankle and can be used for injury prevention as well as injury rehabbing. The adjustability of this wrap allows for different levels of compression to be applied. It’s made with high quality materials that’s easy to use and is comfortable with shoes on. Get it now. 

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