Best Ankle Weights

Whether you want to strengthen leg muscles, boost metabolism, or lose some weight, ankle weights are a great piece of equipment that can help you reach your workout goals. Designed to be worn around the ankles (or wrists), using ankle weights is an effective way to increase strength in your major muscle groups and help fatigue your muscles with more resistance. Design, fit, material, and weight are important features to evaluate when choosing a set. We took a look at four good ankle weight sets on the market.  Have a great workout!

Best Fit

REEHUT Durable Ankle/Wrist Weights


Soft Ankle/Wrist Weights. Five-pound pair of ankle/wrist weights with soft, breathable fabric for a comfortable fit

What We Liked

The REEHUT Durable Ankle/Wrist Weights come in seven different colors and seven different sizes. We liked how comfortable the weights felt against the skin. They didn’t rub or irritate our ankles while we exercised with them on. In addition, we found these five-pound weights to be the perfect amount of resistance for daily walks. Pick up a pair today on Amazon.

Best Outdoor Use

Nordic Lifting Wrist and Ankle Weights


Reflective Ankle/Wrist Weights. Five-pound pair of ankle/wrist weights with reflective trim — perfect for safe nighttime use

What We Liked

The Nordic Lifting Ankle/Wrist Weights come with a convenient carrying bag. We liked that the weights were easily adjustable with the large velcro pad. The reflective trim allowed us to safely use the ankle weights at night, which was a great feature when doing our late day jogs.  Buy Today. 

Most Cushioning



Ankle Weight Set with Great Cushion. Set of five-pound ankle weights with extra cushion for a comfortable, snug fit

What We Liked

The HEALTHYMODELLIFE Ankle Weight Set comes with a good one-year replacement or refund guarantee. We liked that the weights had good construction and the stitching seemed solid. These weights were comfortable and didn’t chafe when working out. They come in different weights so choose the right one for you (0.5lbs – 8.0lbs).  Get a set on Amazon.

Best Design

Gaiam Ankle Weight Training Weight Sets


Stylish and Quality. The Gaiam Ankle Weight Training Set is an adjustable five-pound ankle weight training set with a two-tone design.

What We Liked

The Gaiam Ankle Weight Training Weight Sets consist of a pair of 2.5-pound weights. We liked the cool two-color design with a bright mesh layer for a pop of color. We found the weights comfortable and easy to adjust. The weights proved very versatile, as we took advantage of them on walks, during yoga sessions, and for cardio workouts. Shop Today on Amazon.